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Barca Boss Xavi To Be Sacked Despite Recent Contract U-Turn



Barcelona president Joan Laporta could sacked Xavi for his recent statements made to the media.

In a joint press conference with Xavi just 23 days prior, Laporta said that the manager would fulfil his contract at Camp Nou and would not part ways with the team at season’s end, as he had originally intended to do in January. But according to RAC1, Xavi’s remarks made to the media prior to the match against Almeria did not appear to sit well with the club’s management, endangering his job.

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Xavi expressed evident cynicism when asked if Barcelona could contend for major silverware with their present squad.

“We are going to try to compete against Madrid. I think that the cule must understand that the situation is very difficult,” he had said.


“Above all, on an economic level. We have an economic situation that has nothing to do with 25 years ago, we can no longer go out and pick and say ‘I want this one, this one, and that one.’ We are not in the same conditions as other clubs with very advantageous economic situations.

“The Barcelona fans have to understand it. That does not mean that we do not want to compete, but that is Barca’s situation at the moment. We need stability and time, but we will try to compete.”

Laporta was apparently incensed by Xavi’s response, believing that he had broken their previous commitments. Xavi’s remarks, in the opinion of Laporta and the board, ran counter to the victorious and self-assured story he had told them just three weeks prior, which was a major factor in their choice to retain him as head coach. Second, the board believes that even with major efforts to bolster the team, Xavi has not been able to fully utilise the potential of the new additions.


Despite the uproar, Xavi maintained his composure in front of reporters after beating Almeria 2-0. When asked about the recent developments, he claimed that no one within the club had confronted him with the matter. Instead, he emphasised his excitement about planning for the next season alongside sporting director Deco.

“I am very excited. We are planning the next season with Deco with all the ambition to win titles, which is the main goal of the club,” Xavi stated, signalling a shift in tone.

Xavi’s immediate attention will be on the games left in the season as Barcelona tries to finish in second place in La Liga. May 19 will see the club play Rayo Vallecano, while May 25 will be the team’s last game against Sevilla. The results of these games may have a significant impact on Xavi’s future at the team. Xavi, Laporta, and the board will probably have more meetings as the season comes to an end. If the outcomes fall short of expectations, there may be major changes.

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