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Bishop Okonkwo Unveils Another Mystery Close To End Of Year



Okonkwo Unveils Another Mystery

Bishop Mike Okonkwo unveils another mystery while preaching to a mammoth crowd of faithful.

Okonkwo, who is the Presiding Bishop of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) unveiled the mystery in a short admonition during the annual thanksgiving service of TREM at the ministry’s headquarters at Anthony Lagos.

Okonkwo is a proof that when a man of God is on the cutting edge of his anointing, there’s usually something to take away from his ministration.

So, it was last Sunday, at this annual thanksgiving service of the ministry.


Present, as usual, in full elegance, same with his wife, Bishop Peace Okonkwo,  amidst a glowing auditorium, he wouldn’t unveil the mystery until well towards the conclusion of service, having given it to his younger pastors to coordinate the service.

Before he spoke, it was a spectacle watching the several groups and ministry arms tile out in their number, rejoicing and bearing different thanksgiving offerings.

Okonkwo approached the auditorium only when it was time to share benediction.


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“The mystery of Thanksgiving”, he began, “is saying to God , I trust you; without you, I can do nothing”.

“It is good to always keep an attitude of praise, even when it seems nothing is happening.

Citing Psalm 23:5, Okonkwo said it is understanding that makes a believer switch his prayers to thanksgiving rather than requests.


He said every duty and obligation of God to His people had already been done, “ours is to continue to receive.

“You belong to the kingdom and it is the responsibility of the king to take care of you.

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“It is His responsibility to handle all the problems because He is the king.


“Get ready, He will give you a miracle that will shock the devil”, he prophesied.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael Olajuwon Dawodu

    December 19, 2022 at 2:25 pm

    May God bless all of us in this Yuletide Season in Jesus Name. Celebrating Christ in this season is the reason for the season. I am grateful to God for sparing our lives to partake in the goodness he earmarked for us.Praise God!

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