Covenant Child: An Intriguing Marriage Of Reggae And Media


He is a typical example of the interviewers’ delight, not only because he is a master of his field of endeavour, but also because he is willing to put in hours fielding questions on this vital field as much as its related sectors. .

If Covenant Child agrees to an appointment, he is ever faithful to it,
and proves this by showing up promptly.

And then he has this unusual passion for Reggae Dance hall music, so much that he had staked practically his all to keep it running in the country. This is proven by the fact that a lot of upcoming artistes have been given the opportunity to perform in his shows. For him, it is not just about money, but running with a vision that births new generation of dancehall reggae musicians, and helping these upcoming ones realize their career ambitions.

Also known as Ital sound number 1 sound, he hails from Urata, Owerri North in Imo State, but yet reluctant to poke the ethnic joker in his discussions. He is a broadcaster and Tv consultant, who is the first ever on-air personality Reggae dancehall promoter, who has been opportune to have a  nationwide network, due to his passion for this genre of music, since 1997.

In sharing his interest in reggae music, the celebrity said, “Ever since I was growing up, I had this genre of music around me, as I grew up, I allowed myself to flow with it” he said.

Covenant also went down memory lane, recalling that the first time he ever heard a reggae music was at the age of five or thereabout and these were a mixture of Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, U Roy, I Roy.

Contrary to what you may feel, he asserts that Nigerians have been craving for the Reggae  genre of music since the eighties

“:Why do I say so? I have been opportune to be the first ever on air personality reggea dancehall promoter to ever gone a nationwide network. It has never been done in Africa. When I went to South Africa sometime ago, they reminded me, when I went for an interview they reminded me”.

In proving further his point as being on networking for about two years or there about, working on radio stations that he would not want to mention the names, where he covered six geo-political zones promoting Reggae dancehall music that afforded him a feedback from Jos, Abuja, Nassarrawa, Calabar, Uyo, Kaduna and other northern parts where they love this genre of music a lot.

Again, he submits that Lagos is not the big thing in terms of the biggest appetite for Reggae dancehall music appetite in Nigeria, but rather the northern part of the country and the South-South. What make it seem so however is the fact that the media headquarters is in Lagos.

Covenant also throws more light on how to identify and differentiate a reggae artiste from the hip pop ones. The latter he adds, do a track or more for versatility sake, whereas the Reggae artiste has a complete album of reggae dancehall music without mixing or adding any other genre of music..

Asked how he would categorise Tuface Idibia, he said the African Queen crowner is originally a reggae artiste, referencing with his sharing on a You-tube broadcast some time back. He however gives Tuface kudos for his versatility, for being grounded and being talented.

Then came the question whether reggae could be considered dead in Nigeria in line with the insinuation of some, he responded by describing that as an unfair assertion. Having been an on-air personality with access to a whole lot of information on the subject matter, he said his eyes had actually been opened to the under-appreciated potential of reggae in the country.

Nigerians he held, actually like reggae especially outside Lagos, despite Lagos being the commercial capital of the country. For him therefore, Lagos does not represent the musical appetite of Nigeria.

He mentions Buchi, Ras Kimono, Andy Shurman, Mandators, Pupa Oritz as being in the forefront of showcasing reggae dancehall music in the country.

However, reggae music suffered a setback the moment this pioneers left Nigerian shores.


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