10 Things You Didn’t Know About Covenant Child


  1. Covenant Child hails from Urata, Owerri North in Imo State and not a Jamaican.
  2. Covenant does not smoke, despite being in an industry where that kind of lifestyle is taken for granted
  3. He is not just an on-air reggae dancehall personality, he is also reggae tv consultant, and reggae promoter.
  4. He is the first person to ever promote reggae dancehall music at African Shrine.
  5. Despite his social lifestyle, he is a very reserved person.
  6. Covenant was opportune to be the first ever on air personality reggae dancehall promoter to ever go a nationwide network, where he covered six geo-political zones playing reggae dancehall music.
  7. He is the C.E.O of Ital Sound Number One sound who has become a very big brand in the nation.
  8. He grooms upcoming reggae dancehall artistes at the Shrine every Tuesday night in his Afro fusion reggae dancehall, every Tuesday from 7pm-3am.
  9. He is a film actor, which had been cast on a role of a twin, playing Dennis and Desmond. One character as covenant child, the other characters as someone who speaks Queen’s English. This was in 2016 in the Charles Novia movie titled Put A Ring On It and many more.
  10. He is an On Air reggae promoter personality in the different radio stations in Lagos. His programme days are Saturday 5pm-6pm on Metro Fm 97.7, Sunday 8pm-11pm on City FM etc.

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