At What Point Does Fashion Becomes Nudity?


Across the climes, the concept of nudity is becoming a common topic.  People see the word nudity in different perspectives; some see it as fashion and to some, an abomination. Some even say that nudity has become so accepted that it is not limited to video vixen again but in churches, mosques, and some corporate organisations.

What is your perspective about it? At what point does a lady’s appearance become nudity to you? This Public Opinion Poll (POP) presents a perspective on the topic:

The English dictionary defines nudity as a state of being without clothing on the body; especially the genitals; or being bare, i.e no clothing on the body.

We are of different understandings and interpretation towards things but as for me, a lady’s appearance becomes nudity when she’s without clothing not only on her genitals but on her boobs as well. If she dresses and doesn’t cover her thighs, it doesn’t mean she’s nude”

Tosin Adeleke

As far as I am concerned, a lady’s appearance becomes nudity to me when she wears tops that do not cover her breasts or wears transparent leggings, especially fair ladies,  that show all her skin.

Taiwo Fakunle

On this particular topic, conclusions might differ.

For some, a ladies’ appearance becomes nudity when she shows off sensitive parts that can arouse the opposite sex….however, the truth is every part of a lady’s body is sensitive. Some men can get aroused by merely seeing a woman’s leg. Nudity cannot entirely be judged based on the command of arousal a lady’s appearance breaths on the opposite sex.

A lady’s appearance can scream nudity if it shows off too much skin…too much skin how? When it shows or reveals sensitive parts of her body.  These days with the new trend of dressing, it’s difficult to list the private areas of a woman’s body… the rate at which ladies show off their breasts today has made people wonder if the breast is still a private part…

Rosamond Bill

It is normal for some ladies to go out with skimpy dresses but it becomes nudity when it is above the knee level. Most ladies put on see-through dresses which will enable the onlookers to see what is supposed to be covered which to me is a complete madness.

Friday Abbey

Left to me, when a Lady’s dressing becomes nudity is when her boobs or other private parts of her body which are meant to be covered are opened, like a skimpy skirt and seductive clothes but I say fashion is when you’re comfortable in anything you are wearing.

Akinremi Odunayo

I only see nudity when it’s literally nude. I think this is credited to my background which was filled with opposite sex (Nothing is hidden there) I think nudity originated from what is unusual, it is what you don’t see often that can tempt you. Today in Nigeria, ladies rarely react to shirtless guys because this is usual, but in the same culture whereby this is uncommon, it is expected of their ladies to get aroused by the appearance.

Babatunde Musa

As for me I call it exposure of body privacy, because indecent dressing has been a major problem with ladies; they tend to expose private parts of the bodies all in the name of trending fashion especially youth and teenagers, even when you tell them they are not properly dressed, they ask you if you were part of the 21st century at all.

Agoha Chiamaka

*The discussion continues and it would be nice to see your opinion on the matter

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