Does A “No” Answer Mean An End To The Relationship?


The beauty of every good relationship is to have a happily ever after ending. Every lady fantasises on how and the day her man would pop up the all important question.

“Would you marry me”, is always a beautiful moment in a lady’s life as that moment is the beginning of forever. No matter how unromantic a man is, he tries as much as possible to make the proposal a beautiful one, especially because of his woman.

Candidly, a man cannot propose to a lady unless he is ready, even if the woman has been ready for ages. From what i have been able to deduce, proposal is all about the readiness of the man. Has any one ever considered if the lady is ready. Maybe no one considers it, because they feel a lady should automatically be thrilled about the ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ line.

Most ladies are actually ready for that question but some are not. So what happens if she says ‘NO’, serious gobe abi? Maybe she’s actually not ready. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love the man; maybe she ain’t just ready for together forever.

So i am throwing this question out there: If a man asks his girlfriend to marry him and she says no, does that mean the end of the relationship?

I conducted a poll on instagram, and 65% said yes that is the end of the relationship, while 35% said no..Now, let’s throw it to our respondents:

No, that won’t be the end; we are just going to be friends with benefits and probably help each other. Since I proposed and she said no, it means she doesn’t want a future with me.

Ekom Obong

No, it is not the end of the relationship, but I will just try to know if she has a reason or two for declining my proposal. If she’s not ready, will try to know if she truly loves me so I can hold on.

-James Ifedapo

No, it means she’s not ready or not sure. So, I will just give her time.

-Femi Ajenifuja

No, it doesn’t mean it is the end of the relationship, not until I hear her reasons.

-Depo Okunade

Looking at the Nigerian side of it(no offense),we know ladies are looking forward to getting married than building their careers. So a girlfriend turning her man down, it is either she doesn’t love him enough or she has a better option, or the guy hasn’t built himself well enough to make her settle down with him. Often times, the lady sees a bigger picture than the guy and it is solely about building him to the type of man she wants, so if he is not up to that standard and there is no way of him meeting up, then it’s a No No

In addition, love doesn’t cut it all the time.

-Femi Sofolahan

No, because I will try find it out why she turned my proposal down.

 -Tayo Gabriel

It depends on what stage of life I am at. If we are young and we have time, we may find other purposes for the relationship or have time to convince each other. But if I am more advanced in age, I know i have no such time and would want to face that stage of my life. I will move on after many trials to convince her.

-Mr Efe

No it is not; she might not be ready at the time I asked and she might not be convinced enough that I am actually ready for the game. All I need to do as a man is to look into my deeds and always question my ways each time we are together, then we will go far.

-Jimsah Taylor

Yes, it means the end of the relationship. If a lady says no to me, perhaps it means that she doesn’t believe I will be there as a friend for her till the end.

-Wale Abiona

Yes, it means the end, what are we still doing together!

-Sidney Nwankwo

Should “No” Answer Mean An End To A Relationship…Ladies Respond

I went to town to ask ladies this: If your man proposes to you and you say no, should that mean the end of the relationship? Below are their responses:

No it shouldn’t be the end. There must be a reason why I said no. I would explain the reasons to him. But if he is someone I can’t marry I won’t even be in the relationship to start with.

-Janet Bishung

No it shouldn’t mean the end. The problem maybe me, perhaps I need time to fix myself and wake up to reality. -Joy

No, i feel it is not the end of the relationship because one way or the other we can still be beneficial to each other.

-Zekkiyat Adarijo

Why will I say no to him? If I eventually say no, we will continue our friendship but it won’t be as intimate as it used to be. There will be a little gap. We shouldn’t become enemies or strangers because things did not work out between us. We might need each other’s help in the future.

 -Shikemi Okunola

Yes it is the end of the relationship to be realistic, even if I could be in the shoe of not ready. To be frank, it should be the end because the aim of any relationship should be marriage .

-Chiamaka Agoha



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