Blackout and Outrageous billing by EKEDC in Mushin

Dear Editor,

Blackout and Outrageous billing by EKEDC in Mushin

I reside in Mushin, a suburb of Lagos, popularly believed to be the dark part of the metropolis and dreaded by the average Lagosian.

One of the challenges we are facing in Mushin is lack of electricity supply. I will say we are worse hit in the area. For the past three weeks, the people of Mushin have not enjoyed adequate power supply.

The Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) can simply be referred to as ‘the agents of darkness’. All they are good at doing is to send outrageous bills to residents for services that did not offer. The Mushin community is at best living in darkness. We are tired of crazy bills because we pay for light we did not consume.

Sometimes, power is supplied to residents in the community like it is a Christmas gift; and at such times, it seems like EKEDC is doing the community a huge favour.  However, electricity is one of the basic infrastructures or privileges every citizen enjoys in this 21st century.

As a result, business in Mushin, especially the ones owned by artisans are suffering since they cannot afford to generate alternate sources of electricity to remain in business.

This is very irritating considering the fact that the MINISTER of Works, Power and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, recently announced that the nation’s power outage has been stepped up power generation from 4000MW to 7000MW.  I keep wondering why we have to wallow in darkness.

I want to use this opportunity to call on relevant authorities to assist the residents of Mushin to call EKEDC to order.

Taiwo Oluwabukola writes from Mushin in Lagos state

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