Is being Fashionable Synonymous With Expensive Lifestyle?


It has been said that we have a lot of bad guys out there because of the competition of latest expensive things. That is in order for ladies to run after them they source for money by all means.
Some even take as far using people for money rituals just for them to belong, because ladies of this generation do not want to go out with the so called ‘I never chop’. They want to go out with the guys that can go all the way for them in buying latest bags, expensive hair, designer shoes and More.

As for ladies it has also been said that we have a lot of proustites on the street today because they feel their bills are too expensive than what any guy with a low source of income van pay.

They want yo by expensive hair, designer bags ,the most beautiful dresses and shoes, because of these they sell their bodies in exchange for material things and when they are being asked or questioned they tell you “Use what you have you have to get what you want”.

Some mothers are guilty of the same, they feel buying expensive Aso-esi, jewelleries and more for parties is what can make them a fashionista or is what will meet up their mates standard. Some mothers do it at the expense of their children education and welfare.

When a child needs to pay his/her tuition fee in school and the mother has a party to attend, some mothers prefer to go all out for the party in term of dressing in order to keep up appearances,than paying the child’s tuition fee.

Being fashionable is having the sense of style and taste which can be achieved at a relatively low cost depending on your level.
So, at your cost, you can still slay without breaking the bank or doing more than yourself.

Touching slightly on an expensive lifestyle, some people that have expensive lifestyle are not necessarily fashionable.

Being fashionable and living expensive lifestyle are not similar in the least, you can live an expensive life and not fashionable. Being fashionable is a consciousness that doesn’t necessarily need you to be so expensive. You can live decently yet be fashionable.

Some people have good taste when it comes to fashion. But that does not translate into expensive lifestyle… They dress modestly with the little means they have. So, they are very fashionable without going gaga about expensive wears.

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