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Opinion: The Immorality Of Morality Called The Osun Robbery As Fascist Hitler’s Steps In The Direction Of Totalitarianism And Dictatorship….Rommel’s Account – By Amaso Jack



“Activist lawyer, Mr Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission was sympathetic to the ruling All Progressives Congress rather than being neutral in the Osun State governorship election.

According to him, the handling of the Osun State governorship poll by the electoral umpire underscored the claim that many loyalists and relatives of President Muhammadu Buhari are occupying very high positions in INEC.

Anthony Livesey, on the 159th page of his 1990 tastefully finished, Tiger Books International (London) published book he titled: “Battles of the Great Commanders”, wrote: “The Eighth Army inflicted a crushing defeat on Rommel at the Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October-4 November) and drove him back along the coast to Tripoli, which they reached on 23 January 1943.

Rommel was now trapped between the Eighth Army in the East and an Allied force, under Lieutenant-General Dwight D. Eisenhower, which had recently landed in French North Africa to his west”.


The PDP’s governorship candidate, Adeleke, has found himself in the historical circumstance of Rommel at El Alamein.
Like Rommel, whose first battle to capture capture El Alamein, was “inconclusive”, only to be “inflicted a crushing defeat” in the second battle.

Encyclopedia Britannica put it this way:
“First Battle of El-Alamein, Egypt (150 miles west of Cairo), ended in a stalemate, the second one was decisive. It marked the beginning of the end for the Axis in North Africa. “

PDP’s Adeleke’s first attempt in the main election was inconclusive, before he like 1943 Rommel was “inflicted a crushing defeat” in the runoff of Thursday September 27…… History indeed is a script, a recurring script in deed!


The good book, the Holy Bible captured it this way:
“The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV.

As that “inflicted… crushing defeat”, was the “beginning of the end for the Axis in North Africa.”; that was the beginning of the end of German and Italian dominion of North Africa,
Will the defeat of the PDP in Osun, mark the beginning of the end of democracy in Nigeria?

Will the opposition be totally decimated in 2019, by the combination of the voter buyout in Ekiti and the robbery in Osun?
Will Buhari’s APC be transformed into a Fulani centred, Islamic totalitarianism?


At 50, Erwin Rommel, became Germany’s youngest World War 2 field marshal in 1942. He was a prominent commander of the German invading force, that that attacked France on May 10, 1940. By June 25, the conquest of France was complete, just the way the PDP, conquered Nigeria, between 1999 and 2015.

Anthony Livesey, again (in the same book) this time, on the 152nd page, wrote this of the man Rommel: “Even his enemies in North Africa demonstrated their respect by dubbing him ‘The Desert Fox’, ”

Rommel’s rise and fall is the script of PDP’s rise and fall. Like Rommel, who between March 24 and April 13, 1941 captured Benghazi (modern day Libya), only to lose it between November 18 and December 5, the same year, to the Allies in “Operation Crusader”.


The PDP, won then lost, Ekiti state, in a similar manner. However, between January 21, 1942 and February 6 of the same year, Benghazi was recaptured. Will the PDP live up to its “Desert Fox” reputation of rigging in the 1922 Ekiti elections?

Just the way the Allied enemies of Rommel admired him, Buhari’s ruling APC must have admired the rigging skills of the opposition PDP, after all Musiliu Obanikoro, PDP’s man Friday and undertaker of Fayose’s victory over Fayemi in 2014, crossed over to the APC, and repeated the same thing, this time for Fayemi against Fayose in 2018. The man Musiliu Obanikoro, (whom we shall soon meet) is one prominent symbols of immorality of morality and morality of immorality, for the financial role he played for each party.

The other are the likes of Akpabio and any and every one who at one time defected from PDP to APC and Saraki and those like him that defected from APC to PDP.


The APC came to power as the custodians of morality, only to become the immorality of morality, many thanks to the Ekiti voter buyout and now, the Osun robbery. If the APC is the immorality of morality, then PDP is the morality of immorality!

The symbol of immorality of morality and morality of immorality is Musiliu Obanikoro.
Vanguard reported:
“Obanikoro makes shocking revealtions, says he gave Fayose N2.3bn “

If he got N2.3bn morality of immorality from Jonathan, for Fayose to win, how much did he get from Buhari’s for Fayemi’s voter buyout of immorality of morality?


The PDP as a political party, have no moral right to complain, for they have been paid back in their own rigging coins. However as the opposition, (being the face of democracy) they have a legitimate democratic right and duty to complain, “for the opposition not the position, is the identity, state and status of democracy”.

The doctor whose 16 year practice came to an end in 2015, have found themselves drinking the very bitter pill, they once gave…..rigging to victory!

Injustice has become the bitter taste of the chocking pill once forced down the throats of others, now in their own throat.


Buhari’s APC has become a desperate, must win all at all cost blood of dog and the baboon fascist political organization.

Luka Binniyat, reported in the Vanguard, these cold words of Buhari:
“If what happened in 2011 (alleged rigging) should again happen in 2015, by the grace of God, the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’’

Luka added earlier in the same interview: “Buhari spoke in Hausa while addressing members of the CPC from Niger State, who paid him a courtesy visit in Kaduna.”


For Buhari, when the rigging is against him, “the dog and the baboon would all be soaked in blood.’’

When it benefits him, what we happen to the blood of the dog and baboon?

Who was Buhari in the ethnic/racial tone of Hitler calling dogs and baboon, were they human being he had in mind?


Buhari’s APC came to power by a strategy of moral deception hinged on an anti corruption fight which has turned out to be “cheap paint on rusty iron”, that found expression and perception by propaganda.

It is heading in the direction of totalitarian fascism, that would probably terminate in a dictatorial fascism, after their Southern allies would probably have been done away with, when June 30, 1934, “Night of the Long Knives” becomes a reality in 2019 Nigeria.

For if Buhari could backstab an old Northern ally like Danjuma, whose relationship dates back to the dark day of July 1966, who is his “Southernmost” ally, not to suffer the fate of the “Night of the Long Knives”?


Col Tony Nyiam (rtd) the leader of the 1990 coup d’etat, against Babangida, who worked under Buhari when the President was the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 3rd armoured division, Jos, said:
“Gen. T.Y Danjuma who had financed, advised and stood by him all through the years. At a time, there were two people who were the closest to Buhari. They are T.Y Danjuma and Tunde Bakare. Where are they now? Anyone who thinks they can give Buhari a chance has a lot to learn. “

Buhari’s use and dump 2015 policy towards Tinubu was the test run! “My husband was ‘trashed’ after APC won 2015 polls —Tinubu’s wife “… was the way the man’s wife, put it.

Under him, Nigeria is rapidly descending down the elevator of compromised elections from the penthouse of democracy to the dark state controlled basement of totalitarianism.


Should he win in 2019, installing a weak rubber stamp national assembly, many thanks to the successful Ekiti voter out buying experiment and the Osun robbery added to PDP’s just resolved stupidity around Port Harcourt; while it lasted (not forgetting the “mistake” of Saraki) the world would wake up to the reality that fascist Hitler has reincarnated; this time as a black man, (who never read books; most unlike his original copy).

The man who boldly declared national security and national interest are superior to the rule of law, has by those words, revealed the CHANGE he had in mind, would himself change to the Führer (German for leader) of the 21st century, he has always been.
The status of democracy is the relevance of the opposition and Buhari by his winner must win at all cost, mindset has only the judiciary as the last hurdle to scale, in his race to full blown fascism!

The online medium,, under the headline: “The Forced Suicide of Field Marshall Rommel, 1944”, captured history this way:
“On July 17, 1944, British aircraft strafed Rommel’s staff car, severely wounding the Field Marshall. He was taken to a hospital and then to his home in Germany to convalesce. Three days later, an assassin’s bomb nearly killed Hitler during a strategy meeting at his headquarters in East Prussia. In the gory reprisals that followed, some suspects implicated Rommel in the plot.


Although he may not have been aware of the attempt on Hitler’s life, his “defeatist” attitude was enough to warrant Hitler’s wrath. The problem for Hitler was how to eliminate Germany’s most popular general without revealing to the German people that he had ordered his death. The solution was to force Rommel to commit suicide and announce that his death was due to his battle wounds. “

Was the strafing of Rommel’s staff car by the British, symbolic of INEC’s APC sympathetic tilt, based on the assertion of Mr Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, an activist lawyer, who by the evidence of the punch: “alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission was sympathetic to the ruling All Progressives Congress rather than being neutral in the Osun State governorship election. According to him, the handling of the Osun State governorship poll by the electoral umpire underscored the claim that many loyalists and relatives of President Muhammadu Buhari are occupying very high positions in INEC.”

(Strafing is a military term that describes the shooting action of either a low flying ground attack aircraft or helicopter gunships on ground targets. It is best understood as a plane shooting what looks like a machine gun from the air at either moving or stationery targets)
The independent would add:
“Rommel was implicated in the July 1944 bomb plot against Hitler. On 14 October 1944, Rommel was visited by generals with an ultimatum: suicide with a state funeral, or trial for high treason. Rommel took poison and it was officially stated he had died of a brain seizure. “


If the PDP is Erwin Rommel and the Führer designate, becomes the Führer substantive in 2019, no thanks to the combination of voter buy out+robbery, will PDP be forced to drink poison at the polls in 2019, like Rommel, for his part in the coup; Operation Valkyrie, to remove Hitler?

Operation Valkyrie, was the 1944 coup attempt to overthrow Hitler, it failed!. Will 2019 be Buhari’s political “Valkyrie”? The Democratic not military attempt take power from him?

Will PDP’s intended “Operation Valkyrie”, in a democratic application, end like the real “Operation Valkyrie” in induced ballot box defeat?
Will PDP repeat the German defeat of 1945 in 2019?


Should Buhari survive PDP”s “Operation Valkyrie” will there be an APC clean sweep and purging of every and any elective office, in the land of PDP, just the way Hitler carried out a purge the families of those who tried to execute him?

Robert Edwin Herzstein and the Editors of Time-Life Books, on the 196th page of the 1980 Time-Life serial that chronicled history under the title “THE NAZI”, captured it this way:
“The assassination attempt triggered swift action by loyal Army units and loyal legions of Heinrich Himmler’s SS. The SS arrested and put to death scores of high-ranking Army officers, their relatives and anyone else vaguely suspected of opposing the Nazi regime”.

Would a Buhari victory, result in a one party totalitarian state on the way to an Islamic dictatorship, many thanks to the successful voter buy out experiment at Ekiti and the 2019 robbery rehearsal at Osun?
The clock is ticking….. Will Hitler reincarnate?


Totalitarianism is a political economic system of a one party state, in which one political organization, like Hitler’s Nazi party stifles and suffocates the opposition and subjugates individual liberty to the state, run by a sole, strong party, the soul of the state.

The clouds of totalitarianism are gathering over Nigeria, will they terminate in a dictatorship?

Will there be a landslide in 2019, that will sweep the opposition away?


…..The value of democracy is the opposition, and when the opposition has been obliterated, it is not the opposition but democracy that has been obliterated!

Amaso Jack, is a political analyst and strategist, he lectures at Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos State

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