MISS NIJ Beauty Pageant 2019 Count Down…Close-Up On Contestants

All is now set for this year’s edition of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) students ‘week, a seven-day blast with lots of highlights.

Miss NIJ and Mr NIJ pageants are major aspects of the programme. In this first of a series of interviews, we feature one of the pageant contestants: ODUNAYO AKINREMI

Why did you decide to contest in the pageant?

I want to contest because I think I have what it takes to become Miss NIJ

What Qualities Do You Think Qualifies You To Contest?

The qualities I think that qualify me, include my stature, my intelligence, but most especially, I have God by my side.

Are you confident of winning?

Yes, I am very sure I am going to win.

What if you don’t win?

I don’t believe in impossibility because my God is a God of possibility. I know surely that I will win.

In terms of the arrangements put in place, are you satisfied?

Yes, I am satisfied with the arrangements. It is just that they are a bit, but i know God will take control.

What advice do you have for the committee? My advice to the committee is that they should not be biased in their choice. Anybody that does well, and is worth winning, should be given the crown, not otherwise.

Interview conducted by ADEDAMOLA AZEEZAT AYODELE

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