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Labour to be favoured, Solomon’s Porch pastor admonishes



The Pastor in charge of Solomon’s Porch Pentecostal Ministry, Magboro, an outskirts of Ogun, Dr. Ndu Ekekezie, has advised those who desire to be favoured to labour first.

Admonishing the congregation during the Believers Bible Class (BBC) at the church auditorium, he said God does not like idleness, and that salary is an expression of one’s labour, but that real blessings come from God, the reason Christians should cast their cares on Jesus.

According to him, heaven helps those who are fully submitted to Jesus, and emulating Jesus and putting him first ensures that people do not lose their rewards.


Charging Christians to remain resolute, Pastor Ekekezie said they are Christ-like, and that despite the present peril, that they would surely win at last.

“Labor is for today and favor is beyond today, without an evidence of labor you are not permitted to be favored”, he said.
“Your salary is an expression of your labor but, your blessing comes from God. Labor without God’s favor is not enough to sustain a man. God does not like idleness. Labor and favor should be vice versa”, the man of God admonished.