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Headmaster In Trouble After Found Chanting At Deceased Pupil’s Grave



Deceased Pupil’s Grave

Why should a headmaster be found chanting at a deceased pupil’s grave, especially when the said pupil is believed to have died mysteriously.

In fact, why should the headmaster go ahead to offer bribe to the women who found him in the act?  

Those are the curious questions that the police is trying to find answers to, even while keeping the said headmaster in protective custody.


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David Mapulande, a headmaster at Chimusanya Secondary School, suspected to have a hand in the death of David Tembo, a Grade 12 pupil, and is now a guest of the police at Rufunsa District located in the Lusaka province of the country.

The police say they are keeping him in protective custody, following the August 11 incident in which he was found kneeling at the deceased pupil’s grave at about 05:00 hours.


He had items looking like charms, accounts by the women who had gone collecting firewood say.

One of the women, Memory Chanda, said Mr Mapulande was gripped with fear and had difficulties explaining his mission at the grave.

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Mr Mapulande, Ms Chanda added, defended himself by saying he was actually waiting for his girlfriend.

“After we started shouting for help, Mr Mapulande promised to give us a K100 each but we refused. We started shouting and a lot of people came,” she said.

Zambia Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga who confirmed the incident said Mr Mapulande was held in police custody for his own safety because members of the public wanted to pounce on him.