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Gunshots Rock NANS Convention In Abuja, Delegates On The Run



NANS Convention
Scene of the gunshots

A NANS convention in Abuja has been disrupted by gunshots, forcing delegates to flee for dear lives.

NANS is acronym for the National Association of Nigerian Students, and had scheduled its convention at the International Conference Centre in Abuja.

A video on the incident which had gone viral on social media, had shown the convention venue in turmoil even as the delegates began to scamper for safety.


Police had stormed the NANS convention centre and fired tear gas that saw delegates running for safety.

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A source told The Eagle Correspondent that fear quickly spread around adjoining neigbourhoods where the gunshots were heard with many unable to establish the reason.


The major road leading to the International Conference Center has now been deserted.

Another resident who could not immediately say his name, told our correspondent that the police action was informed by a fracas that broke out between two factions attending the NANS convention.

Some injured students who were taken to the National hospital equally took to their heels abandoning their treatment when a faction stormed the hospital.


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“We heard that the hospital did not attend to the injured students on time, and so their colleagues were angry and stormed the hospital”, the source told our correspondent.

Though the police has been mobilsed to keep order at the NANS convention venue, there is still anxiety in the air, given the retaliatory tendencies of factions in matters of this nature.

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