Depression – How To Avoid Being A Victim



Depression is a common yet serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you reason and how you act. It causes feeling of sadness, loneliness, and you loose interest in everything especially activities that once thrilled you. It also comes with persistently low mood.

Let’s drop all the big grammar and break it down into simple bits. Let’s examine the causes of depression.The causes of depression are not far fetched, they are;

When an individual who is used to winning or succeeding at everything suddenly fails at something, it can throw the person into depression.

when an individual is not where he ought to be, if his mates have gotten to a stage in their lives and he is yet attain that heights, that may be considered a major setback.This also can cause depression.

3) INFERIORITY COMPLEX OR LOW SELF-ESTEEM. Another reason similar to setback is inferiority complex or low self-esteem This is the feeling that every other person is superior to you or you see yourself not fitting into a particular gathering. Low self-esteem might be caused by lack of education, seeing oneself as not having a particular thing your mates have. This may also cause depression especially when you think about it too much .

Another major reason that may cause depression are certain negative major events in one’s life especially the loss of a loved one, divorce, financial problems, work issues or even acute stress. If care is not taken this can lead to depression.


5) DRUG ABUSE AND ALCOHOLISM. Over dependant on some drugs like drugs for anxiety. Stimulants and excessive alcohol drinking can lead to depression. Abuse of drugs like drugs use for anxiety and insomnia stimulants can cause depression, also excessive abuse of alcohol are all roadmaps to depression.

Also, inability to find ones purpose in life can affect one psychologically thus leading to depression. Imagine a young man who graduated early and was on job hunting for years without success. This will definitely affect him psychologically and if care is not taken, may lead to depression.

The following are some of the telltale signs of depression. Loneliness,
Not interested in the world around you, restlessness, lack of appetite,
Insomnia, getting easily irritated, loss of appetite for social gathering, just in the world all by oneself, shutting oneself out completely, weight loss, insomnia, restlessness and in acute stage, suicidal


1) Talk to someone about it: especially someone that can help, silence kills a lot. A problem shared is half solved.

2) See a therapist or psychologist.

3) Take your prescribed drugs.

4) Eat healthy;especially foods rich in fatty acids and folic acid that could help suppress depression.

5) Get enough and adequate sleep: set a reasonable routine for your sleep pattern, with time it will improve.. Avoid all distractions that will disturb your sleep.

6) Try challenge yourself to take on responsibilities, set a goal for yourself and be determined to achieve it especially on something you won’t usually do or too afraid to do.

7) Challenge negative thoughts, always think positive. For example when you are depressed And you get to the worst possible conclusions;are there evidences to these conclusions? If you think you are worthless, is that really true? With all these challenges, with time you will learn how to think positive.

8) Do something new, something you haven’t done before, something interesting that will keep your mind occupied.

9) Have fun: do things you enjoy or used to enjoy. Even if nothing seems fun anymore, you have to keep trying and relearn how to enjoy yourself. Keep doing it over and over, with time, you will get your groove back.
Try as much as possible to be in the midst of people that you think can affect your mood positively never shut yourself out of the world.

No matter how bad depression is, suicide is not an option. It is not the answer, nothing is worth loosing your life over. Every negative thing that has a beginning as an end, that challenge you are going through is just a phase of your life. When life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade out of it.

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