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‘Church Leaders Are To Blame For Moral Decadence In Society’



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Church leaders are to blame for moral decadence in the society, so says a popular cleric, Rt. Rev. Samuel Prosper Dzomeku.

Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church in Ghana, Rt. Rev Dzomeku said they are also to blame for the scarcity of honest leadership in the country.

According to him, moral decadence is also an issue in churches as lifestyles of majority of Ghanaians who profess Christianity have lifestyles that do not reflect the lifestyles of Jesus Christ.


This, he said had led to a complete breakdown of morality in the country.

Rt. Rev Dzomeku spoke at the climax of the 60th-anniversary celebrations of The Lord’s Pentecostal Church International at Tokokoe near Ho in the Volta Region at the weekend.

“The recent Population and Housing Census puts the population of Christians at more than 70 percent, a situation which should reflect in the lives of the church and church leadership, but we only witness the contrary”, Ghana Graphic quoted the cleric as saying.


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“there is a high level of dishonesty in the society because people are always looking for quick ways of making money.”

“How can anyone justify what has happened in the banking sector, when most of the people who created the rot that led to the near collapse of the banking sector and the subsequent cleanup are practicing Christians?, the cleric who was a special guest preacher at the ceremony, stated


“This is not what Christ taught us, and the church leaders who are selling all manner of merchandise just to make money off the unsuspecting followers, this is not what Christ taught in the bible.

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“During their youthful days, preachers who sold merchandise such as anointing oil and handkerchiefs to their congregations were berated as being charlatans, but these things have become institutionalised in the churches these days.”

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