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Fathers’ Day: God Did Not Make A Mistake Creating You Man -Okonkwo



Fathers' Day

The Presiding Bishop of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), Dr Mike Okonkwo, has given a a motivational Fathers’ Day message to men.

In the message, the man also popularly called “Big Daddy”, admonished men to note that God did not make a mistake in creating them man.

He gave the admonition as part of his Fathers’ Day message to all fathers.

Okonkwo  reminded all men that God had already endowed them with all they need to excel, and that mistakes and slipping on what he described as the banana peels of life, should not make any man deter.


The rest of his admonition are reproduced below:

A very Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers across the world of TREM and world over. I celebrate and honor you today.

Thank God for your lives, for His hand of grace upon your lives and family.


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Today, I just want to encourage you to keep being the man that God has ordained you to be. Yes, you will make mistakes, you will slip up on the banana peels of life, but don’t let that deter you from being the very best father, husband, friend, teacher, mentor and more, that you possibly can to your family and those around you.

God did not make a mistake when He created you as a man, and He endowed you with all that you require to be the very best person He created you to be. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you in areas that you might be struggling with, and be open to receive the help that He will give to you.

You have all that it takes to be the man of honor that God has called you to be (Genesis 1:28). Once again, Happy Father’s Day to you.


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As you go into this week, I declare that the grace of God will speak for you in all areas of your life. God will show up for you this week in the name of Jesus. I bless you today in Jesus’ name, Amen. Remember, Word Celebration starts this Tuesday June 22-27. It will definitely be an incredible time of feasting on God’s Word.


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