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BREAKING: Iran Launches Explosive Drones On Israel



Explosive Drones

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, changed in dimension today with Iran launching explosive drones into Israel,

There have been reports of sirens, blasts and anxiety across the Jewish State, in line with threats from Teheran that it would attack Israel.

The explosive drones launched into Israel yesterday is seen by experts as likely to change the dimension of a campaign the country said it had been launching against Hamas.


There were also reports of aerial interceptions, but it was not clear whether this was the Israeli anti-defence systems at action.

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Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) owning up to the aerial drones and missiles at Israel said the attack was aimed at “specific targets”.


Israeli military sources said more than 100 drones had been launched, amidst conflicting reports that the United States, a strong ally of the Jewish nation may have shot down some..

On the other hand, Israeli Defence Forces (IDF)’s spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari reacting, said:

“Iran has launched a direct attack from Iranian soil toward the State of Israel. “We are closely monitoring Iranian killer drones that are en route to Israel, sent by Iran.


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“This is a severe and dangerous escalation”, he said, adding Israeli air force planes were in the air “ready to counter any threat”.

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