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Bad Condition Of Roads In Ahmadiya, Agege



The Editor in Chief
Dear sir/ Madam,

It is with due respect to your office, but grievance in my heart that I write this letter.

It is pertaining to the abandonment of road projects in my area – Ahmadiya, in the Agege area of Lagos, which has become a major cause of road accidents.
I know that the problem of poor state of roads is common nationwide, but the one at Ahmadiya is of great concern because of the effects it is causing.


Especially during the rainy period, everywhere is flooded with water and the terrain is damaged. The floods end up covering the manholes and unsuspecting vehicles and pedestrians sometimes run into such manholes.

The accidents that have become a common occurrence in the area, could be stopped by making quality roads and repairing broken down ones timely.

There is also need for a quality drainage system, while the ramshackle condition of roads should immediately be attended to.


Besides, there is need to expand the roads at some portions to accommodate enough vehicles. The department responsible for the maintenance of roads should act quickly and ensure road safety by working on every abandoned project.
I am expecting that this issue would be attended to urgently, as a way of saving lives and property.

Thank you.
Yours Sincerely.

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