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Adeosun: How Trusted Associates Messed Me Up



..Kemi Adeosun…messed up by trusted associates

Mrs Kemi Adeosun, the resigned finance minister, who is now in eye of the storm, has blamed those she described as trusted associates for putting her in the mess she is in currently.

She had decided to resign, after an internal investigation ordered by President Buhari declared the exemption certificate as fake.  This latest development is coming via an official response, the first since her travails.

In the letter, the British-born Nigerian said she did not relocate to Nigeria until she was 34 years old, four years older than the 30-year limit for participation in the mandatory National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) scheme.

She the ‘trusted associates’, messed her up by helping her to arrange the ‘exemption certificate’.


In her words, “I obtained my first Nigerian passport at the age of thirty-four (34) and when I relocated there was debate as to whether NYSC Law applied to me. Upon enquiry as to my status relating to NYSC, I was informed that due to my residency history and having exceeded the age of thirty (30), I was exempted from the requirement to serve. Until recent events, that remained my understanding.

“On the basis of that advice and with the guidance and assistance of those, I thought were trusted associates, NYSC were approached for documentary proof of status. I then received the certificate in question. Having never worked in NYSC, visited the premises, been privy to nor familiar with their operations, I had no reason to suspect that the certificate was anything but genuine.”