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Why You Should Not Kill This Insect If Found In Your House



Why You Should Not Kill This Insect If Found In Your House

It is a common practice in local homes to kill insects, rodents and every crawling thing, that poses threats or dangers to life and wellbeing.

However, there are some that do not pose danger, but rather serve as a buffer of protection to the ones that endanger lives.

In this cause, an expert in Biotechnology and Biochemistry, Arojinle cautioned people not to kill the “ensign wasp”, explaining its unharmful nature and how it can be used as a buffer to battle cockroaches.

This was detailed in a post shared on his X page.


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It reads:

This is an ensign wasp and it is your friend. Unlike other wasps and bees, ensign wasps don’t sting humans or even pets. So, they pose no danger to you. Additionally, they even help to control and reduce the population of one of the pests you hate the most, cockroach


Cockroaches are really tough pests to get rid of completely. Even if you kill all the live ones, their eggs can stick around for months and then hatch. That’s where these little heroes called the ensign wasps come in. When a female ensign wasp needs to lay her eggs, she seeks out cockroach egg cases, called ootheca, to lay them in.

Once the ensign wasp eggs hatch, the baby bugs will eat the cockroach eggs inside the case. They’ll stay inside until they grow up and become adults. So, you see, they’re beneficial. The enemy of your enemy is your…….”

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