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Why Man Utd Were Better Under Solskjaer Than Ten Hag – Fabregas



Manchester United reportedly had “a plan” under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but under Erik ten Hag, Cesc Fabregas claims the team has lost its way.

In an open appraisal, Fabregas stated that under the Norwegian’s leadership, United had a more composed mindset and a well-defined organisational structure. But under Ten Hag, the team doesn’t seem to have a well-defined plan, which creates a sense of unpredictability and irregularity.

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Fabregas’ remarks coincide with growing pressure on Ten Hag to turn around the team’s performance during a turbulent season at Old Trafford, particularly following their shocking loss to Fulham last weekend.

Speaking to the Planet Premier League podcast, Fabregas said: “I have to say as well that I don’t know the numbers, but with Ole [Gunnar Solskjaer] there were some good big games. They used to have a structure, they had a plan. At least you saw a plan, which was to defend well and have great breaks and this is exactly what Manchester United don’t have at the moment.”


Fulham ripped open United on several occasions on the counter and Fabregas believes that the performance should have sent “alarm bells” ringing at the Old Trafford board room.

“Looking carefully at the counters that Fulham did to them and the way they were done, it makes the alarm bells go for a very, very long period of time,” he said. “It cannot happen that a top, top team gets done on the counter so many times in one half, or over 60 minutes. And this shows that they are lacking something. I don’t know his game plan, I don’t know if he has structure, I don’t know what his message is. But, definitely, if these happen to my team, there would be a lot of alarm bells going on.”

United was led by Solskjaer from March 2019 until November 2021. In 127 Premier League games, he manage the Red Devils; they won 59, drew 32, and lost 36.

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