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Why Male Humpback Whales Engage In Homosexual S3x



Why Male Humpback Whales Engage In Homosexual S3x

A just-published study in Marine Mammal Science features photos documenting a sexual encounter between a pair of male humpback whales.

This was taken off the coast of Hawaii, reportedly the first photographs of two humpbacks ever having penetrative sex.

Studies arise concerning the nature of the encounter, suggesting that the sexual interaction may lack romantic intent.

However, scientists assert the reason to be that the receiving whale may have been unwell or injured, leading to the other whale approaching and engaging in the act as a display of dominance. It’s observed that the penetrating whale utilized its fins to restrain the other, preventing any attempt to escape.


Scientists also express uncertainty regarding the intentions of the dominant whale, pondering whether it was attempting to impregnate the other or simply asserting dominance.

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Moreso, the researchers acknowledge that such same-sex encounters could theoretically occur between two healthy whales, but thus far, documented instances of this nature are lacking.


The last attempted humpback whale sex sesh was photographed in 1998. It was male on male, albeit, dead vs. alive. In that instance, a male whale tried having sex with a separate dead male whale.

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