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What Is Making US Stock Market Investors Excited?



US Stock Market
Endgame Financial Group, picture courtesy of Facebook, used for illustration purposes

What is making US stock market investors excited? More reasons than anyone should learn from, but essentially bordering on recent trends in that market set to enable people reap where they have sown.

By keeping interest rates unchanged, US Federal Reserve brought excitement in investors.

The Chairman Jerome Powell signalled that rate cuts are likely in June, just two months away
There has been a stock market surge in the last month and investors are feeling their most bullish in more than two years, Economic Times informs.
But much more,“Broad-based investor sentiment hit a rating of 4.1 in Bank of America’s February Global Fund Manager Survey released on Tuesday, up from 2.9 the month prior and the highest since January 2022. Bank of America noted that cash levels, equity allocation, and economic growth expectations all played a key role in sentiment improvement”, informs
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Barring unforeseen negative surprises on the strong side. Investors were relieved after FOMC participants signaled they still expect to cut rates three times in 2024, yahoofinance adds.


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