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Touching Testimony: Transformative Power of the Word of God



Touching Testimony
Miraculous divine healings take place at the International Women Conference (IWPC) of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM) Lagos. The convener is Bishop Peace Okonkwo

The touching testimony of Laura Perry Smalts confirms that Jesus Christ not only saves sinners, He restores image bearers.

At a recent Lighthouse Voices event, Smalts—who’d previously undergone chemical and surgical interventions in attempts to live as a man—shared how God rescued and restored her. The abridged testimony follows:

And as God began to heal me and He began to bring this love and this desire of how He created male and female. ….


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I understand how real it can seem for a while to live as a trans person. And all these changes are happening, and this seems like it’s going to make them happy. Everything is fun for a season, but when that fades away, it’s like a drug that no longer gives you a high. But the Lord has transformed my heart, and he has given me an incredible life. And now I’m able to now [fulfill] the vision that God gave me.

For more on the incredible testimony of Laura Perry Smalts, see her book Transgender to Transformed.


Never forget, the word of God has a transformative power. Abundant proofs exist of Him healing the sick, delivering the captives, making the poor rich and indeed responding to all other challenges you may bring to Him. Using this story of the transformative power of the word of God, you can get hold of your own healing by challenging Him. Incidentally, God loves challenges that aim to prove His sovereignty.

I this affirm, because I too has experienced it.

If only you can believe’ if only you can try, just prayer this one minute prayer, and watch what will happen:

  1. Genuinely repent of any known sin and invite Jesus Christ into your life
  2. Promise God that as He answers this prayer, that you would turn to Him fully.

“Dear God I have read of this touching testimony and indeed heard of other great things you could do to a heart that is genuinely yielded to you.

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Dear Jesus, forgive me and come into my life; from this moment forward, I will serve you, In Jesus name I pray, Amen

Feel free to share any prayer point with us, as a response in the box below, and we promise to pray along with you. God blessings, amen.

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