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The Issue of Flood in Agiliti Phase 2, Mile 12 Area of Lagos



Dear Editor,

The Issue of Flood in Agiliti Phase 2, Mile 12 Area of Lagos

Through the courtesy of the widely circulated columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the relevant authorities towards the frequent flood outbreak in Agiliti phase 2, Mile 12, Kosofe Local Council Development Area, Lagos.


The main purpose of writing this letter is to highlight the need for government presence in Agiliti phase 2. For a month now, our area has been facing diverse kind of challenges due to the frequent flooding experienced when it rains. It’s actually a regular occurrence that has been going on unaddressed, some said it’s because of the usually high amount of rain, others said it is caused by the opening of the dam.

As of now, not only is the area stinking, it has also been transformed to an insecure environment because the flood brings strange and dangerous pelagic animals: reptiles like snakes and crocodiles, insects and swamps of mosquitoes due to the stagnant water.

Lamentably, several properties have been lost, and many valuables damaged to the flood. Beddings, kitchen appliances, goods from the store and many other things are floating in the filthy water. Some residents lost their homes and businesses, and they no longer have a source of livelihood in such a difficult state. These families now require help from people. Not only did residents lose their properties, but some also lost their loved ones as well. We have had three cases of death in the last two weeks.


Some residents are unsure of residing in the community any longer. A certain family rendered their house as a refuge to those who are really affected, but lamentably the house isn’t spacious enough for the whole community. We have pleaded with the government to come to our aid, but they are not heeding to our cry.

We would like to use this platform to call on relevant authorities to take necessary steps in making a better drainage and floodgates to get rid of this trouble.

Olajuyin Racheal writes from Lagos with email

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