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Side Chics In Lagos Can Contest For Sugar Daddy’s Will If She Isn’t Included, Here’s Why



A Nigerian Trust advisor, Iyiosa Ediagbonya has ignited a debate on social media by sharing an intriguing perspective on will interpretation and execution in Lagos State.

Speaking on a program on urradio station, Nigeria Info, today February 29, he said that Lagos laws allow a side chic or mistress to contest her sugar daddy’s will if she wasn’t included in it.

‘’Identify yourself first of all and then state who your beneficiaries are, wife/children or husband/children, brother, sister, whoever else and then the next thing to do in the will is to name executors, corporate or individual’.’

When asked if the law recognizes a will where the beneficiaries are not even part of the family, say for instance a man wills all his assets to the children of his mistress, Iyiosa said.


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It’s contestable and I will tell you why? Even though there are provisions given for beneficiaries, there are also provisions given for dependants especially in the wills law of Lagos state. You must make provisions for dependents. Who are dependents? People that can prove that for a while you were financially responsible to their needs”

He went on to state that if a man’s mistress (side chic) can provide bank statements proving that he has been sending her money for as long as they were together, there are provisions for her within the Lagos wills law.


Watch the video HERE.

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