Ogudu Residents Grumble Over PHCN Exploitation

Magboro residents when they protested against PHCN…Now it is the turn of Ogudu

By Anselem Martin

The residents of Ogudu area of Lagos, particularly those residing Eyiaro and Taiwose streets are passing through a serious period of frustration in the hands of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

An investigation by our reporter shows that aside the fact that the area does not enjoy regular and uninterrupted power supply, they are, at the end of the day, slammed with outrageous charges on account of estimated bills.

One of the residents, Mr Akaniyene Benedict lamented the fact that five years down the line, they were yet to be issued pre-paid meters which would have lightened their burdens.

He wondered why the company responsible should hold on to the supply of the metres to those residents that have paid for it.

Another resident while speaking to The Eagle correspondent corroborated Benedict’s assertions saying it was more painful as several requests had been made in writing, verbally or otherwise which are yet to be honoured.

He described the PHCN as a complete failure in terms of fulfilling its obligations to the consumers.

Another resident, Candy Okpe was livid with anger while speaking with our correspondent on the matter.

He lamented that these was happening at a time that the National Assembly recently passed into law a bill outlawing estimated billings, wondering while the PHCN flagrantly ignoring the legislation.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the marketer in charge of his area, one  Miss Blessing Onuoha, demanding that the authority should change her.

The said marketer was currently servicing   Eyiaro, Taiwose and all Ogudu axis.

Lending his voice to the feeling of dissatisfaction with PHCN, another resident, Mr Simon Daniel recalled that sometime last year, there was a serious argument between the community and officials of PHCN, and this centred majorly on the bills served the community.

Thereafter, a meeting was held between the two parties where it was resolved that the contentious bills be reduced from the next billing month.

Instead, the bills have kept increasing in value.

Our correspondent sighted bills running to between N20, 000 and N25, 000 for small bungalows.

Those who spoke to us were of the view that the matter would have been a little tolerable had there been regular supply of electricity.

A youth in the community, simply identified as Victor said all he wanted from the government was to help stop the exploitation they are facing in the hands of the PHCN.

He said the exploitation was capable of snowballing into something more serious if not quickly checked by the concerned authorities.

Others advised the relevant authority to beam its search light on the company, and arrest the high level of impunity currently being perpetrated its workforce.

They also requested that the company be made to comply with the recent bill passed into law by the National Assembly outlawing estimated bill complied with.


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