Is Feminism Overrated In Nigeria, Sofolahan, Otufodunri Respond?

Eluwande Idera


Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on grounds of equality of the sexes, and the movement has been around for more than a century.

Inspite of all, the question still remains, Is feminism overrated in Nigeria?

Our first respondent is Mr Femi Sofolahan, a banker:

 Is Feminism Overrated In Nigeria?

Yes definitely, because Nigeria is more on the cultural mentality than the modern world mentality.

As long as I am involved in the marriage process and all that traditional rite, it simply means the lady is being paid for, and that is enough to make the man superior.

In Nigeria, a man is automatically known as the head of the family, so a woman having equal rights to the man in a country like ours is a long stretch.


Any company a woman is the boss, heads for disaster because no man wants to kiss a woman’s ass all about.

Why Do You Feel Such A Place would End Up In Disaster?

It will, because the woman is under a man at home, so she will see some unnecessary challenges from the men working under her.

What If The Woman Actually Worked Her Way To The Top, At Least Few Women Have Held Top Post In Nigeria And Have Done Well?

Working her way to the top may involve some shady things often times you won’t know, but do you know how many men she would have slept with to climb?

So because she is a woman means she has graced a lot of men’s beds? Some actually merit the position compared to the male counterparts.

It is rare, it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

So Your Own Stance Is Men Are In All Ways Superior? And Feminism Is Overrated?

Yes, because I have been brought up with that mentality. A house filled with girls in those days was seen as a weak home because there was no heir.

So You Mentality From Childhood Caused This Conclusion?

Let me just say it is conformity.

Another respondent, a female Journalist, Mrs Opeoluwa Akintayomi had this to say:

I do not see how feminism is overrated in Nigeria, reason is that it is African countries like Nigeria that see feminism as strange.

First of all, equality of the sexes is in two different forms. Feminism doesn’t say men and women are equal in the sense of function, because men and women are different in terms of outlooks and role. What feminism fights for in terms of equal rights is the way women are treated versus the way men are treated.

In Africa, we see men as superior to women, so in an office, men get higher pay over women even though they both have same qualification and years of experience. That’s the equality feminism fights for.

Feminism fights for boy children not to be seen as better than girls. Feminism fights against rape, domestic violence, sex trade etc against women and girl-child. That is why you see women and ladies who have been victims of domestic violence and rape, sex slavery declare themselves as feminists. So they fight against the menace with so much passion and hurt in their hearts.

But the society such as Nigeria are quick to judge feminists and tag them “bitter people” because they fight for the rights of the girl child and for females to be treated better.

However, that is not to look away from the fact that some women are overdoing it. Some have now used it as a way to declare war against the whole male folks, which ought not to be so. Only the offenders should be termed guilty”

A Teacher, Miss Jennifer Ibekwe Answered It From Another Angle, She Had This To Say;

No, feminism cannot be overrated, like it cannot happen. How many people even know about the movement? They just listen to a woman, like them, ginger them to stand up and stop being a slave.

Culture and values cannot allow feminism thrive. Even our laws do not grace feminism and you know this country is full of religious people. The Bible, The Koran and by extension the traditional system will not allow it to be overrated.

Nevertheless, women who have suffered gender segregation celebrate the movement by holding it in high esteem without even having a good understanding of the same.

Infact, it is overrated in the Northern part of Nigeria, they feel so low that what they only need is a leader to instruct them to go on strike”

A Prominent Journalist, Mr Lekan Otunfodunrin Had This To Say;

“Feminism is a growing concept worldwide. There are those outrightly asking for equality and others want equity. It is borne out of years of a feeling of women being disadvantaged despite the progress they have made in many spheres of life.

Asking for rights is legitimate but it should be done conscious of the society we live with and the reality of our circumstance.

However I agree that women should not be discriminated against based on gender. Everything possible should be done to give them equal opportunities. The campaign should not necessarily be antagonistic “..


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