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Nigeria Immigration Service Procedure For Employment (Expatriate) Visa



Nigeria Immigration Service Procedure

This information is essentially on the Procedure For Employment (Expatriate) Visa, that is for foreigners to work in Nigeria.

But before delving into Nigeria Immigration Service Procedure for expatriate visa, it is necessary to state that:

The Nigeria Immigration Service is responsible according to the act establishing it for a number of functions and duties, including:

  1. The control of persons entering or leaving Nigeria.
  2. The issuance of travel documents, to bona fide Nigerians in and outside Nigeria
  • The issuance of residence permits to foreigners in Nigeria
  1. Border surveillance and patrol
  2. Enforcement of laws and regulations with which we have been directly charged.

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However, this write-up is essentially on the Nigeria Immigration Service Procedure for Employment or Expatriate Visa.

Given the number of opportunities for the engagement of skilled expatriates, there are usually application for this document on a rolling basis.

Here then is the Nigeria Immigration Service Procedure for Employment (Expatriate) Visa – R2A


Employment Visa (Expatriate) is a type of visa issued to persons who wish to take up employment in Nigeria, based on expatriate quota.

Visa Category:

Employment (Expatriate) Visa


Sub category:

Employment (Expatriate) Visa



Employed Expatriates to be placed on quota

Requirements: Visa Validity

Valid for not more than 90 days from date of issuance (Specify date)


Permit Type and duration of Stay

Employment (Expatriate) Visa

Permitted Activities


Restricted Activities

Permitted Visa Channels

Visa at the Embassy


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Other essential relate to fees payable, nationality of the applicant as well as to whether the passport is Diplomatic, Official or Standard.

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However, further details or clarifications are available at the Nigeria Immigration website on

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