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Lessons From Aviosi, In Company Of Otunba Adegbuyi



Otunba Abass, reporting

It is always a great relief, when the opportunity presents itself to escape the political upheavals and tantrums that from time to time throws itself up, a recent case being the one that enveloped the state with the largest concentration of black race in the world in the last one month.

It is much more gratifying that is not escaping just for the sake of it, but in an honour of deserving acquaintances or colleagues.

So it was this time around when the opportunity came to hang out with the highly revered custodian of traditional values in Aviosi Uzebba in Edo State.

At the last count, there were about 30 traditional rulers.


They travelled all the way from their different locations and domain, in their dignity and splendor to come and honour Otunba Damilola Adegbuyi, Rtd Commissioner of Police, in the celebration of his father inlaw, Chief Thomas Onime, who was called to the great beyond.

The turn-out distinguished personalities here, including several high ranking personnel from the police force, coteries of friends and associates could only but drum sundry message – that it is good to live an impactful life.

In fact, the introspection began right from the highway onwards the town, especially from Oluku junction, because the scenery presented by the sprawling lush vegetation on both sides were good reminders of the enormous wealth, that have been naturally given to our country by the Almighty, and which is yet to be efficiently utilized.


Anyway, that is story for another day.

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