In Epe, We Have A Problem (Concluding Part)

Otunba T.J. Abass

Concluding part of a serial on the recent political development in Lagos, drawing attention to its overall implication on Epe Division titled: 2019, Epe Division, And The Way Forward


A reconciliation meeting of all the true stake holders (not just the political stake holders) with members drawn across all spheres of the community has become imminent. The key to any successful reconciliation is Akinwunmi Ambode himself. Epe people are waiting to hear from him.

Our Royal Fathers cannot be sidelined and must be involved in the scheme of things if true reconciliation is the motive which is why I applaud their recent meeting they had with the candidates.

A meeting or endorsement without a true reconciliation and bringing back all aggrieved parties  will only be a recipe for continued discontent. The contribution of members of the community irrespective of their status is also needed as membership will be drawn from all spheres of the community.

Our youths must be carried along and they must be active participants rather than being teleguided. We have enough materials in Epe, technocrats, Captains of Industry, smart and brilliant minds that can make meaningful contribution to the discourse .Why have we not heard from the Asiwaju of Epe land!

I am proposing a meeting comparable to the one called in 2014 by EUDC at which the community appealed to all aspirants to sheath their swords and work together for a common course, backing an eventual nominee of the party. It was quite a productive meeting and it worked for the benefit of the community and the State.


A political solution where all the political stake holders including those at the lower cadre of the political hierarchy will meet and fashion out a new and fresh direction for our community is truly desirable.

And this is the reason I also applaud the efforts of the political leaders of the Division with their recent meeting. I must commend them for their courage and boldness in putting their house in order. Although there was no communiqué, it is safe to assume that they were able to iron out their differences.

In retrospect though, the absence of Akinwunmi Ambode at the meeting sent a very wrong signal to the people of Epe Division. He remains an essential ingredient towards finding a lasting solution to the imbroglio. He may have dropped the balls here and there but I am yet to see any leader who made the right decision without making several wrong ones.

I am sure if he has to go back and rewrite history, he would do a lot of things differently. Regardless of the situation, he is still our brother and our pride. Let’s rally round him with a show of how much we love him. Some of those dancing on his grave today were once the beneficiaries of multi billion Naira contracts.

My submission on this issue is that Ambode remains the key figure in addressing the political wrangling in the division and my suggestion to the political class is to find a way of embracing him, making him a part of their next meeting.


This must be followed with stakeholders’ meeting with members drawn from all spheres of the community, business community, technocrats, trade associations, representatives of the youths, representative of the political class including our Royal Fathers .There would be need for a paper presentation, and a communiqué at the end of the deliberations.

This must also be followed with a meeting  with the candidates and presentation of our communiqué, our aspirations particularly, the issue of abandoned projects to ensure everyone is carried along.


There is no doubt this will be quite a defining moment in the history of our community, in the sense that it presents us an opportunity to begin afresh and fashion out ways to address our concerns.

The character of our community is at test. I have seen her bounce back countless times from adversity and this will not be an exception. There are more aspirations binding us than differences separating us.

The better future we want for our children and grandchildren can only be achieved in an atmosphere devoid of division and rancor. We have the power within us; the time to use to our collective good is now.

WE MUST SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE. Arise Omo Epe.Arise Omo Epe Division and let’s give our destiny a push. With all hands on the deck and our focus in the same direction, we will achieve the desires of our heart. This is the sole purpose of this diatribe; it is the main reason for this epistle. Let’s start dreaming again.

By Otunba T.J Abass

The Aremo of Epe Land



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