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“I Almost Got Deceived When Winners Turned 40” – Bishop David Oyedepo



By Cami Ezenwa

General Overseer of WinneryChapel, Bishop David Oyedepo is a minister of God with deep spiritual insight and anointing.

A man with midas touch even in running establishments has also shared how he almost missed divine direction, profusely thanking God for delivering him.


Ostensibly impressed by what the ministry had achieved uon turning 40, Bishop David Oyedepo was obviously getting ready to slow down before it struck him that much more lay ahead.

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In the video where he shared the insight, the man of God said:
“I almost got deceived when we turned 40
in ministry. I thought we had entered the promised land,”, he recalled, adding however that God showed him otherwise from the scripture.
As at that time, he was already feeling that the ministry had reached its apogee.
“i almost got it wrong. I thought we had entered the promised land”, he said, but recanted when it dawned on him there were more acres to conquer
” I said God push me on, push me on to 40
When I saw Hosea, I said, God, push me to the end. Push me till the end, I don’t want to end up a leper. Push me till tend”.


The man of God also admonished that the desire to continue to advance in ministry was an optional one, even with the many challenges.
He said these notwithstanding, that he prayed to keep him moving on. He said to God:
“There are challenges here and there, but push me till the end.
“I don’t want to lose my time with you.
“I don’t want to become your ex-son
Keep me current as a member of your family.
“It is personal. It is not about any body trying to judge someone else.
“It is you and God. I am telling you me”

The prophet of God expressed gratitude that God saw his heart and sustained him.
“God saw my heart and said, ‘o boy, come here. The journey just started Abraham followed me for 100 years’
“We are the seed of Abraham, we shall make it.
“No one will miss his steps in following God.
His commandments will not become irrelevant to you anymore.
Your seed shall be mighty upon the earth”, the man of God.
Aside Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has won a tall reputation as an excellent manager of men and materials with the feats thus far achieved by Covenant University, of which he is founder and chancellor.