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Graphic Video: Moment Lady Throws Her Baby Into The Lagoon And Bystanders



Video of the moment a lady throws her new baby into the lagoon has been circulating online.

Though the exact spot is not clear, initial share information indicates that the incident happened around the Badagry area of Lagos.

Alarmed individuals who majorly spoke the Yoruba language could be heard at the background lamenting and cursing.


A man had entered the lagoon and brought out the baby with attempt dispelling water from the baby’s system.

They were further shocked to discover the baby is male, and were almost descending on the mother, who meanwhile, was sitting by the kerb seemingly unrepentant.

She could only slightly shake her head, and burst out in the local language when some of the sympathisers were becoming hard in words.


Incidentally, from the video, there wasn’t any show of urgency on the path of the rescuers to seek professional medical help for the rescued baby.

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