‘Bishop Was Shy To Propose, He Begged His Sister To Woo Me’

If you talk about commanding presence, he is one man who has got one, coupled with his impressive grip of socio-political and economic developments.

When he handles the microphone, especially with the purpose of doing what he knows best to do – delivering the gospel, there is an awesome gusto to it.

One of the pioneers of Pentecostalism in the country, he has, over the years, birthed and groomed an impressive army of vibrant Christians, able to broach anything and confront any challenge, in a knowing conviction of a divine backing to triumph.

Yet, Dr Mike Okonkwo, Presiding Bishop of the Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM), now located in hundreds of cities across the world, has other sides to him.

As he held evangelical court at the Cathedral of His Glory, the headquarters of the ministry, in the Anthony area of Lagos today, being his 74th birthday, it had given his spiritual siblings an opportunity not only to celebrate him but also to recall the other sides of their pastor.

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One cannot but recall an intriguing side, which his beautiful wife, Bishop Peace Okonkwo had once revealed, in the course of an interview with journalists, and which had become worthy of reference in the celebration of the man of God.

When asked how Bishop Okonkwo proposed to her, she had said:

Bishop is a very shy person and he could not talk to me. After the Civil War, everybody started to go to church because there was nothing to look forward to; he could not propose to me.

 It was his elder sister that walked up to me on his behalf.

The lady just liked me, she is a pastor now. He told his sister that he liked me and she promised to talk to me on his behalf.

The first time she spoke to me on his behalf, I shrugged it off and told her that we fought every day in church because I felt that he was arrogant.

He drove his father’s car while we always trekked and whenever he got to church, he always wanted his voice to be heard but that was his nature.

When you look at him at first glance, you would think he is a proud person but on the contrary, he is very down to earth and simple.

When his sister insisted, I told her that I would think about it but I had to go to school first because my aunty was planning for me to join her abroad.

Dr Mike, Bishop Peace Okonkwo and their daughter, Uche
Dr Mike, Bishop Peace Okonkwo and their daughter, Uche

I knew his parents and all his family members so that made things easy; here we are today”, Bishop Peace .

The rest is history as both eventually became husband and wife, and together have been running the ministry together, mentoring hundreds of thousands of people, and instituting worthy courses in the society. Some of these you could find on other stories on this platform. for now, it may be necessary to add, that the celebration of Bishop Okonkwo continues.

Some Highlights Of The Celebration Are As Follows:

-Mike Okonkwo Football finals, 31 August, at Yaba Tech football pitch

-Mike Okonkwo annual lecture, September 5, 2019, Shell Hall Muson Centre, Onikan Lagos

-Special edition of the Men can We Talk, Grace Dome, Yard 158, plot 34 Kudirant Abiola Street

-Thanksgiving Shabach/praise service, Sunday September 8, 2019, TREM Hqs

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