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Eventually, Samsung Has Beaten Apple In Export Of…



Samsung has beaten apple

Both Samsung Corporation and Apple are prime brands in the electronics, phone and allied sectors.

They are equally brands reckoned with far beyond their home countries, for market dominance and brand leaderships.

But do you know that Samsung has beaten apple in the export of smart phones?


Latest data has reveal that.

With 60.1 million smartphones shipped in the first quarter of this year, Samsung has beaten Apple as market leader in the category.

This is as the Chinese rivals closes the gap on both market leaders, industry tracker International Data Corporation has reported.


According to the report, the South Korea-based Samsung grew the value of its smartphone shipments by nearly 8 percent in the first quarter of this year to 289.4 million.

The data are derived from IDC’s preliminary data on market intelligence in the industry..

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According to it, this is the third consecutive quarter of growth in the global smartphone market, signaling that a recovery from a slump in the sector is underway, according to IDC.

IDC Worldwide Mobility and Consumer Device Trackers team vice president Ryan Reith expected top smartphone companies to gain share and small brands to struggle for position as recovery progresses.

Whereas Samsung shipped 60.1 million smartphones in the first quarter of this year, which amounts to nearly 21 percent of the market, Apple’ figures were 50.1 million iPhones, garnering just over 17 percent of the market in the same period, IDC reported.


Apple smartphone shipments were down 9.6 percent in a quarter-over-quarter comparison, while Samsung shipments slipped less than one percent, according to the market tracker.

Aside that Samsun has beaten Apple, there were other interesting insights from the report.

For example, China-based Xiaomi shipped about 33 percent more to 40.8 million and Transsion about 85 percent to 28.5 million, taking third and fourth positions in the overall smartphone market, IDC reported.


“While Apple managed to capture the top spot at the end of 2023, Samsung successfully reasserted itself as the leading smartphone provider in the first quarter,” Reith said.