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Dear Editor, Threat Posed By Okada Riders At Ogba Axis



okada riders
File photo of Okada riders elsewhere in Lagos. They have become a huge nuisance in Ogba

The Editor,

The Eagle News media,



Dear Sir,

Threat Posed By Okada Riders At Ogba Axis

I would like to use your reputable medium to draw the attention of the public, and the government especially to the threat being posed by  Okada riders – commercial motorcycle operators at Oke Ira community of Ogba, Lagos.


You will recall that the Lagos State Government some time ago enforced the ban of commercial motorcycles in Lagos state.

However, the riders have been defaulting in some areas where the enforcement agencies have relaxed, Ogba being one of such areas.

This was what probably led the Nigeria Police Force to spring into action in the recnet..


At around 9 am on Friday, February 23rd, 2024 the uniformed men raided, seized and arrested defaulting Okada riders, an operation which caused chaos in the Oke Ira community.

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There is no doubt that the Okada Riders have been causing nuisance and sometimes major accidents in  the area.


I have heard people say that the police is being unfair to the Okada riders, but this is not totally the truth, given the social problem that these riders cause.

It would have been okay if their were disciplined doing their job with respect to both the law of the state and the people, but this is not so.

The average Okada rider in Oke Ira, Ogba is abusive to passengers, reckless while driving, and even block their road deliberately.


An attempt to caution them usually lead to these Okada abusing people.

Their excesses are just too much.

A random check where they usually accost passengers at the bus stop would testify to the above assertions.


I would appreciate it if this issue is looked upon, as bike men in this community are reckless and most of the time cause traffic, they park and take up a lot of spaces, thereby causing gridlock.

Damilola Oyekan


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