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Criminal Investigations: Donald Trump Releases Another Controversy



Former US president Donald Trump, under criminal investigations for conducts considered illegal while in office, has released another controversy.

Many in his circumstance, would have droped their ambitions for a second shot at the American presidency for those chains of alleged breaches, not so Trump.

He has said that even if convicted and sentenced, that it would not end his quest for the White House.


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He has been bold at telling his opponents that what they were doing were absolutely horrible.

However, in a direct response to whether those would deter him pursuing his ambition, he said:


“Not at all. There’s nothing in the constitution to say that it could”,

“And even the radical left crazies are saying not at all, that wouldn’t stop (me) – and it wouldn’t stop me, either,” the 77-year-old added. “These people are sick. What they are doing is absolutely horrible.”

The Eagle reports that Donald Trump has been one of America’s most controversial presidents, earning a measure of both friends and enemies.


His indictment last August was resounding being the first such charge against a president in the country.

The charges against him centred on a number of issues, including hush money payments to a porn star. mishandling of classified documents and impeding investigators.

There were also charges against him, concerning on interference in the 2020 elections in the country.


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Sexual abuse allegations against him include harassment, groping, and rape, some of which were made mid Trump’s campaigns

The criminal investigations against Trump are anchored on many charges.


One report said on at least two occasions, Trump showed classified documents to individuals who were not authorized to view them, prosecutors say. During one of those episodes — which was audio-recorded — Trump allegedly displayed a top-secret military plan of attack while telling visitors, “As president I could have declassified it” but “now I can’t,” adding that the document he was showing them was “still a secret.”

For example, he was accused of making a phone call to to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger pressing  him “to find 11,780 votes” in the course of the 2020 elections.

Eventually a grand jury was created purposely to inestigate alleged plans by Trump directly and through proxy, to thwart the outcome of Georgia’s election.


Another charge is that Donald Trump planned to remain in power after his election defeat by Joe Biden, an attempt to defraud the US amongst several others.

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