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Court Delivers Judgement On Man Who R@ped His Two Daughters



Court Delivers Judgement On Man Who R@ped His Two Daughters

Eze Chukwuma, a 59-year-old artisan who defiled his two daughters for nine years, was given a double life sentence on Monday by the Lagos State Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence Court in Ikeja, The Punch reports.

Chukwuma was charged with two charges of defilment that were borderline, according to Justice Abiola Soladoye, who delivered the verdict.

The judge declared that the victims’ statements supported those of the prosecution witnesses.


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Soladoye further held that valid evidence was laced and documented, and the admission of the convict to have had canal knowledge of his two daughters during cross-examination was crucial.

She noted that the defendant’s incestuous relationship with his two daughters following the death of his wife in 2008 was senseless.


“The survivors told this court that their biological father had been having sex with them after their mother died during childbirth.

“The oldest was nine years old at the time. The children were taken to their village, and even after telling their kinsmen about their father’s acts, nothing was done.

“They returned to Lagos, and the second child reported to the school after her older sister ran away from home as she could no longer endure the assault.”


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Justice Soladoye stated that the school invited the Lagos State Ministry of Education and social workers which led to the convict’s arrest, while the survivors were taken to an orphanage.

“The defendant admitted the act and stated that he was sorry. This is also in his statement which was admitted and marked Exhibit A. He is a dirty father who should be locked up for life as his conduct is disgracing.


“The defendant is found guilty as charged and hereby sentenced to life imprisonment on each of the two charges,” she said.

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