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CocoSamba, Bullion’s Premium Herbal Drink Takes Centrestage At Street Carnival



By Ibrahim Kegbegbe

In a dazzling display of entertainment and camaraderie, Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited’s stellar product, CocoSamba, took center stage at the 2023 GYC Street Carnival, held on Friday, December 15, at Irewole Street, Ikeja, Lagos. 

The vibrant event, which was hosted and graced by the fast-rising Hip Hop artists GYC, unfolded as a night to remember, marked by the honorary presence of veteran artists Mr. May D and Terry G.


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CocoSamba, a non-alcoholic herbal bitter beverage, recently crowned with the prestigious “Best Herbal Bitter Award” by the Oodua Progressive Media, emerged as the toast of the participants and onlookers alike. 

Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited, the proud producer of this best herbal beverage, played a pivotal role as the exclusive sponsor of the 2023 Street Carnival, adding a distinctive flavor to the festivities.


Known for their expertise in crafting both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited showcased its flagship products, CocoSamba and Sea Dons, which have etched a unique presence in the market, offering refreshing choices for consumers.

The event pulsated with energy, thanks to the electrifying presence of Hype men such as MC Tipsy, Nigo Brown, Ckaze, and a stellar lineup of DJs, including Joem, Benzy, Brighter Star, Tamara, and Aladin. 

Irewole Street Ikeja transformed into a vibrant spectacle, illuminated till dawn, hosting over 1000 enthusiastic spectators, ranging from aspiring artists to dancers and avid viewers.


Representatives from Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited added a touch of corporate flair to the festivities.

Oguntade Samuel Oluseyi, the General Manager; Adegboyega Bukola, the Human Resources lead; Ogunnoiki Anthony, the Admin Manager; Ayoola Olakunle, the Auditor; Sanni Anuoluwapo, the Customer Relations Manager; Togun Abiodun, the Store Manager, and Aremu Yusuf, the Quality Assurance Manager, were among the distinguished attendees.

As Bullion Go-Neat Global Limited continues to shine as a beacon in the beverage industry, the 2023 GYC Street Carnival stands testament to the company’s commitment to elevating entertainment and community engagement, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who participated in this memorable celebration.


Photos of the event below:

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