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APC: To All Embittered Parties, Please Sheath The Sword



Otunba Abass

By Otunba T J Abass

Any discerning observer of political undercurrents in our state in the recent, would be worried no end, by the not-too-pleasant relationship involving some of our much revered political elders and leaders in the state.

It is such that is capable of eroding whatever benefits and advantages that have already accrued in our state through exemplary leadership and good governance, since the dawn of democracy.

The situation is such that even non-initiates and haters of Lagos are leveraging on the emerging or perceived divides to cast aspersions, and advance their own selfish political and economic agendas.


And no true Lagosian and supporter of good governance, the type represented by the current administration in the state, would keep sleep with both eyes closed when such a development is taking place.

This is why this writer is concerned. One interest here, is not who or what happened; rather it is to call on all concerned to please sheathe the sword.

What is involved in terms of development of Lagos is enormous, and can only be accomplished in an atmosphere of peace and unity amongst party leaders especially, and the generality of the followers.


Taking Lagos to that much desired next level, is a task that calls for concerted efforts; it is a task that requires unity, the mobilisation of the best in men and materials, and in administrative competence; it can never be undertaken in an atmosphere of rancour.

Taking Lagos to its next desirable level is an assignment that cannot be undertaken in an atmosphere of rancour.

On this score, I call on the Asiwaju of Lagos, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the great leader of our party, to please forebear whatever wrong that he may feel.


Asiwaju, you are no doubt, a great leader, and an inspiration to many of the younger generation. Your wealth of experience is something that cannot be taken for granted.

In fact, as a father, you are wont to be misunderstand sometimes, by some in your army of political children. Take this as one of those sacrifices due a true father.

I also appeal to our hard-working governor, His Excellency, the governor of the state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode to please also forebear


Whatever differences I am sure, can be settled amicably, so long our gladiators commit to it. This is important if our state could continue on its steady advancement.

I also appeal to all our people in Epe especially to rally round Ambode, a son of the soil who has, no doubt done commendably well, to continue on the good works.

The task of governing a state as diverse as Lagos is not an easy one. It can only be done when every concerned stakeholder plays their supportive part, and not engage in bickering of whatever nature.


At the end of the day, let it be seen that the current administration has been able to fulfil its fundamental obligations to the people.

The credit would go to no single individual but to as many people as , for the roles they played.



My prayer is that when the counts would be taken, that our names would appear in gold, as individuals, who fore-bore all to ensure that Lagos achieved its development aspirations.


This is my prayer; this is my appeal to all.



God bless all of us.



God bless our dear state.


Otunba T. J Abass

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