An Uncle I Least Expected Raped Me


A young of about 19 has shared her experience briefly of how a trusted uncle raped her and she had been too scared to report to her parents.

In a chat with our reporter, she said he was the least person that she expected to make amorous moves towards her, but who eventually turned out the that raped her.

She trusted him and went to meet him to help in doing a school work. It did not end there, as when they were done and she was about leaving, he called her back, and grabbed her.

AS he was pulling her clothes, she began to beg him and then started a struggle to free herself from his hold.

She said fear gripped her, and she intensified her struggles but he her severally until she was rendered helpless. Then he did it.

She said she was sad afterwards and blamed myself and till today nobody knows he did such a thing.

She told our correspondent, “I cannot tell my parent because they are not in good terms with him. Instead, the blame would be on me for going to meet him in the first place”..


Her case brings to the fore, the question of who should be blamed for rapes incidents. Is it the victim, her parents, or the rapist?

A student of the university of Lagos Marakinyo Tomiwa said females are to be blame. For him, some boys could control themselves but some girls tempt them and trigger this act by attitude or dressing.

He said ‘I feel indifference when I hear about any issue on rape because the problem is from the lady; check what she was wearing or her relationship with the rapist .

Mrs Rahman Ganiu a counselor said the world is going wide as a whole when it comes to dressing and morals and that parents no longer caution their children when they see them improperly dressed.

She said such girls dress in skimpy cloths, when some of them could have clumpy body shape some boys can’t control themselves with.

She also said most rape cases brought to her are traceable to relative or trusted friends.

Victory Bernard, a youth pastor, said: “ I think rape is an issue that is very sentimental to our young ones. Rapists know this act is not proper but there are some forces leading them into it.  Some are spiritual forces, for the Devil has come to kill,steal and destroy. Such people need help not only being prayed for, but also preaching the word of God to”.


Several organisation are established to combat this ugly trend and opportunity are created for abused ones to open up and speak up also to report rapist to face the law .

But even with these, there is a job for both parents and their wards, in the sense of knowing where to visit and when, what to wear and who to trust and who not to trust amongst others.

These they say, may not stop the incidents of rape, but it could reduce it dramatically.

Indeed, there are only a few things more horrifying than the experience of rape, speaking from the perspective of women, yet this crime has continued to dominate the nation’s landscape.

A lot of the time however, it is such that the victims cannot speak up, no wonder in recent years, the issue has also become common place on social media.

Research and stories dating back decades, have proven that rape is not a new phenomenon in Nigeria In an interview with Barrister Owolabi David a lawyer a  child activist, he refers to The Violence Against Person’s Prohibition (VAPP) ACT 2015 stating that  “rape is non –consensual penetration of a person’s vagina, anus, mouth or body part.


He said rape is born out of deliberate or non-deliberate action that the victim’s body is that of the perpetrator’s to take whenever they please ,the laws of the land are not weak for there is law guiding under criminal code ,the violence against person’s (prohibition)Act(VAPPA) of 2015,and child right Act ,rapist are sentenced to life imprisonment, and attempted rape get up to 14 years imprisonment and gang rape ,a minimum of 20 years .

Moreover, the penal code sentences rape perpetrators to up to 14 years and 7 years gross indecency .

There may be a general understanding of rape, the issue of consent is often a cause for debate, A study by Dr. Neil Malamuth, a psychologist on sexual aggression at the University of California finds that perpetrators are aware that they engage in sexual relations without consent but do not agree to the use of the word rape

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