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A Mobile User’s Guide To Battling Lost Or Stolen Smartphone



Stolen Smartphone

Battling a lost or stolen smartphone, especially in Nigeria could be a real nightmare, not just in lieu of the financial worth of the phone but also in terms of valuable information that would also be lost.
This guide has been put down to help anyone that may just find themselves in such an unpleasant condition.
Here’s a guide how to react in the face of a missing or stolen smartphone
Step 1: Act Fast!
Report It Stolen: File a police report at the nearest police station. Make sure to ask the Police Officer in Charge to give you a copy of the report. (For future reference)
Contact Your Network Provider: Call your mobile network provider (MTN, Airtel, Glo, etc.) immediately. Request they block your SIM card. This prevents the thief from using your number for calls or data and protects access to your bank apps as most Bank apps in Nigeria are linked to phone numbers.
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Step 2: Track It (If Possible)
Find My Device: If you have “Find My Device” enabled on Android or “Find My iPhone” on iOS, use another device to locate your phone.
“Never meet the thief in person to retrieve it.”
IMEI Tracking: Your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique identifier. Provide the police report and IMEI number to your network provider or police station. They might be able to track it on their network (depending on the circumstances of the new user of the stolen phone).
Step 3: Secure Your Information:
Remote Wipe: If tracking fails, use “Find My Device” or “Find My iPhone” to remotely wipe your phone. This deletes your data, protecting it from falling into the wrong hands.
Change Passwords: Change passwords for any accounts you accessed on your phone (banking, email, and social media).
Step 4: Replacing Your Phone:
Insurance: Check if your phone insurance covers theft. Contact your provider to initiate a claim.
New Phone: Consider buying a new phone. Look for secure options with good tracking features.
Bonus Tips:
Enable Security Features: Always enable fingerprint/face unlock or a strong PIN on your phone.
Back Up Regularly: Back up your phone’s data frequently to the cloud or an external drive.
Report Shady Sellers: If someone offers you a suspiciously cheap phone, avoid it and report them to the authorities.
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Safety First: Don’t put yourself in danger trying to retrieve the phone yourself.
Stay Calm: Getting stressed won’t help. Take a deep breath and follow the above steps.
By following these steps, you can increase your chances of recovering your phone or minimizing the damage. Stay vigilant and don’t give up!


-Adapted from the NCC 

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