Woman Gives Birth On Hospital Floor As Nurses Watch While Taking Tea

Kenyans have been angered after a viral video of a woman giving birth on the floor of a hospital as nurses’ on break watch while taking tea. WATCH VIDEO BELOW:

The incident happened at Athi Rivers Shalom Community Hospital, Kenya.

 According to the man who recorded the video, the incident occurred while he waited for his wife to be attended to.

The pregnant woman was brought in a wheelchair but the hospital nurses seemed not to care even after they had been notified that it was an emergency.


After pleading with the nurses, one of the nurses then told her to stand up and walk. “I helped her up, we made about three or four steps mama akashout mtoto anaanguka then boom!

Mtoto akanguka kwa floor,” narrated the man who got angry and started calling the nurses to intervene as he yelled at them for neglecting their duties.

In a report by Nation, Shalom Community Hospital administrator insisted that the woman was attended to and he will have the matter investigated as soon as he returns from Easter Holiday, Pulse Kenya said.

Kenyans on twitter also expressed their disappointment with what had happened at the Athi River based Hospital.

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