Shocking: How Over 100 Pregnant Women Die Daily In Nigeria

Has life become this worthless in Nigeria, that no less than 100 pregnant women should die daily in the country?

This is the question that is bothering the minds of many especially given the amount of money budgeted for the health sector generally, and women welfare particularly..

Budgetary analysis show that Nigeria spends N1. 5 trillion in a year on health, which experts have described as one of the highest in the world and more than all the other African countries.

The revelation is coming from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), which revealed that no fewer than 110 women die daily in Nigeria as a result of pregnancy related causes.

UNFPA Coordinator and Head of Office, Madam Maryama Darboe made the revelation today while delivering a goodwill message at a one-day CSO Dialogue Meeting on Maternal Health Accountability.

The programme was organised by the Advocacy Nigeria, an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO).
Darboe explained that 80 per cent of women in the country have continued to depend on and believe in giving birth at home in spite of anticipated complications especially in the north.

She questioned “why women should be allowed to die due to avoidable causes.
“Nigeria spends N1. 5 trillion in a year on health which is one of the highest in the world and more than all the other African countries, yet it is one of the worst in utilization and accountability.

“Part of our mandate at the UNFPA is to ensure that no woman dies during child birth on account of avoidable circumstances and we will continue to advocate for safe motherhood to safeguard the lives of women and children,” she noted.

The Executive Director of Advocacy Nigeria, Hajiya Saudatu Sani who addressed the programme before the worrisome figures began to tumble out, said it was of concern that many state governments had negative attitude towards maternal health.

Given he importance of health and life of women, she said the governments ought to give priority to spending in that area, also making a case for frank discussions on family planning.


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