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‘Our Grandson Was Begging Them Not To Shoot…’



Taken Her Own Life

‘Our Grandson Was Begging Them Not To Shoot His Grandparents’

A grand mother has shared on how her terrified grandson was begging burglars who invaded their home not to shoot them.

The incident happened in broad day light in a manner that the grannies thought was going to mark their end of their lives.


She was preparing lunch in last Wednesday afternoon, a little afternoon when the armed gang arrived her detached house which had five occupants at the time, and held a gun to the 11 year old’s head.

The attack was at Walsall, west Midlands where Vijay Verma, 72, lives with her family.

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In addition to grandson Rohan, who was off school with a temperature, there was also Verma’s  husband Rajinder, 72, who is disabled and suffers COPD, his carer who was visiting, her sister in law and an electrician who was doing work on the house

‘Our Grandson Was Begging Them Not To Shoot His Grandparents’2

 ‘I opened the door and there was a masked man standing there holding a big knife. I screamed and he said, “Come and give me some money, you are the boss of the house”, Vijay narrated to mailonline.


‘It was only then that I saw there were six of them. One was holding a gun to my husband’s head and another had a knife to the throat of my grandson.’

She told the newspaper that the men arrived posing as if they had deliveries to make. The one who posed as the delivery driver forced his way in past a carer who opened the front door, only for the others to surround the house.

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According to her, the gang attempted stealing a Mercedes and a Range Rover from the driveway but failed due to installed anti-theft device.

Mrs Verma said: ‘I told them I didn’t have any money. They said I did and made me sit on the setee. They said they would shoot my husband if I didn’t give them everything I had.

‘My little grandson was terrified. He was trying to protect our pug dog Junior. He was begging them not to shoot his grandparents saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry but please don’t kill them”. They even threatened to shoot the dog.


‘Our Grandson Was Begging Them Not To Shoot His Grandparents’3

‘Two of them had knives and one had a gun. They had already ransacked the rooms upstairs and taken everything they could including my husband’s diamond ring, his Rolex watch, a bangle and a bracelet.

‘They took away all our mobile phones and they would have tied us up with the cable ties they had if my son hadn’t come home.


‘They already had my car key but they couldn’t start it so they put a gun to my son Amit’s chest, took his jewellery and the keys to his Range Rover.

‘When they could not start that, they all fled on foot in different directions. I have been here over 40 years and never known anything like this. I can’t sleep. It was terrible.

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‘The gang were all Punjabi. I think they are recent arrivals because their accents were typical Punjabi.’

The family, who run a jewellery business, are an integral part of the local community with son Amit, 36, heading up the local Neighbourhood Watch Group.

‘Our Grandson Was Begging Them Not To Shoot His Grandparents’4


His wife Sharon, 36, a beauty clinician, added: ‘These people are very dangerous. For them to hold a knife to a young boy’s throat shows what they are capable of.

‘If my husband had not come home, I dread to think what could have happened. They need to be caught because they are desperate and will stop at nothing to get cash.’

The family said the gang had dropped cable ties and a rucksack as they left and that all the mobile phones were recovered through tracing as they had been discarded.