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Obidients’ Rally Not Hired Crowds, Says Datti Baba-Ahmed



Obidients' Rally Not Hired Crowds, Says Datti Baba-Ahmed

By Oladosu Oluwagbenga 

Thousands of Obi-Datti supporters in the nation’s biggest cities, according to Labour Party vice presidential candidate Datti Baba-Ahmed, were not hired “crowds.”

On Tuesday, Baba-Ahmed said on Channels Television’s Political Paradigm that the people who attended the rallies were “crowds” that were genuine, self-funded, and organic.


He said, “I am not a crowd-renter and I can tell you that Peter Obi is not a crowd-renter. Those are legitimate, bonafide, self-funded, organic crowds.”

But according to the Labour Party vice presidential candidate, it’s acceptable for “owners of structures” and “master politicians” to underestimate the Labour Party and the “Obidient” Movement.

He said, “I want to be fully underestimated. I want Peter Obi to be fully underestimated by the so-called master politicians, the owners of resources, the owners and masters of structures. We are nothing; he is just a businessman (and) I am just an educationist.

Baba-Ahmed claimed that people who asserted that the Labour Party couldn’t garner 25% of the vote across 24 states in the 2023 presidential election were mistaken.


“They don’t know what they are saying,” he said when responding to critics and contenders who claim the Labour Party can’t get 25% of votes in 24 states across the Federation,” he said.

He said, “Awareness has been very high in the north. What happens is that northerners listen more to the politicians and the politicians seem to have more impact on the populace in the north and awareness is pretty high.

“Whoever thinks that the Labour Party or Obidient Movement or Peter Obi as an individual is not being welcomed in the north, they are making a huge mistake,” he added.


The results of three surveys undertaken by several reputable organizations are a reflection of the general mood, according to Baba-Ahmed, who added that he is “realistic” that the Labour Party will win the presidential election in February of next year.

“I was elated by those results. I do believe those results,” he said.