Lotachukwu: Sunset At Dawn For A Promising Humanitarian


Last Sunday was a very tragic and pathetic day for the Mgbidi people, in Awgu Local Government area of Enugu State.

That day, witnessed the premature and tragic exit of one of their young and beloved sons Emeka Lotachukwu Ozoemena a.k.a Miller died in a most unfortunate circumstance.

Miller, who had been in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai, had been there, paying all necessary prices, to make it.

He had at the back of his mind, his people back home, including his beloved mum, siblings and other close relations likely to benefit from his improved financial and economic circumstances.

And truly, that aspiration was about being fulfilled as Miller just breezed into the country during this January, a little after the yuletide celebrations.

Lotachukwu, as he is also known, is in his mid-30s, had, a stopover in Lagos, where he bought a befitting car as a surprise package for his dear mum.  In fact, that was to at least thank her for all her sacrifices these past years. Lotachukwu got a friend to drive him to the village of Ugwuoba where the mother resides.

A call through to the woman, had preceded Lotachukwu’s commencement of the journey, and you could imagine the excitement and expectation that must have welled up in the woman, who all these while had looked forward to the day she would, not only see her beloved son, but in the way loving mothers normally do, embrace her son.

This however was not to be.

Miller and his friends hit the road. While the young man was sitting at the passengers, side, his friend who is used to driving far distance, drove the car,

But somewhere along the journey, in Ore, the devil played cruel. The car conveying the two friends ran under a trailer and unthinkable happened. Miller died at the spot, and there with him, the dream of meeting his beloved and waiting mum.

In fact, it was to be learnt later that the mother had gone preparing obviously preferred dishes for Lotachukwu, but the young man had gone. His friend however survived the crash.

Ever since, the town is yet to come over the grief.  Literally everyone in Mgbidi-Awgu, overseas associates and friends on social media are equally in shock as the platform had been awash with pictures and comments of the tragedy. What a cruel way to exit life! What painful news to share.

Some who had thought it a nightmare, and that they would wake up to find the news false, are now forced to embrace reality, a bitter reality, that one of the most promising sons of the clan, one who had demonstrated philanthropy even if in a modest way, is no more.

Miller, in his brief sojourn in mother earth, succeeded in touching lives, and although he is gone, positive memories of his obviously short, but impactful life would continue to be a lesson to the living.

Lotachukwu’s life and exit, is a reminder to all, that it is not about how long one lives, but what impact one makes in the years he spends on earth.

Details of the burial were not available as at press time, but we will keep you posted once this happen. For now, there is nothing else to say, but pray the consolation of God on those he left behind. To Lotachukwu, rest in peace.

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  1. Amechi Oha 3 months ago

    I just kept away from the eulogies to this young man , deep thinking why Death should play this card to
    us. Untill I realize myself, I keep mute. But bravo to your precise and dept reportage.

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