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International Quality Systems Auditor Commends SON’s Effectiveness



.Mr. Joseph Stephens, ISOQAR Auditors Team Leader addressing SON Management Team during the closing meeting at SON Corporate HQ, Abuja

Mr. Joseph Stephens, team leader of the ISOQAR, International Quality Management Systems (QMS) Auditors has commended the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) for a range of impressive performances across its operational areas.

He made the commendations at the closing meeting of the 2018 revalidation and transition audit of the Standards Organisation of Nigeria at the Corporate Headquarters Abuja.

Stephens mentioned areas for which the SON team deserved commendation to include the establishment of a modern laboratory complex in the Ogba area of Lagos, and tremendous improvement in internal and external communication machinery in the last one year, particularly the watts app forums for interactions among departments and state offices as well as the Headquarters.

He applauded the deliberate efforts of the management at grooming younger officers within the organisation’s cadre, the establishment of call centres for enquiry and complaints handling, implementation of electronic initiatives like e-product registration, e-mancap and e-payment at ports and border operations.


Stephens said the perception of Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) by its

Stakeholders is the reality of the organisation’s true worth and that this is actually shaped by seeming intangibles.

According to him, perception makes or mars the outlook of an individual or institutions, thus requiring that great attention be paid to all issues that can shape the perception of stakeholders.


These, according to him, could range from regular two way communication with internal and external stakeholders, provision of a conducive work environment, good customer relations to such issues as good sanitation facilities and directional signs within the organisation’s premises nationwide.

Areas of improvement identified by the ISOQAR Auditors include, inadequate standards at the State Offices, delay in issuance of laboratory results, inadequate financial resources and operational vehicles in some departments.

He expressed overall satisfaction with SON quality management system, particularly the cooperation of the staff in providing necessary information during the audit exercise and urged the Management to work hard on the identified areas of improvement.


Responding on behalf of Mr Osita Aboloma who is the the Director General, Barr. Richard Agu, the Management Representative on the SON QMS thanked the ISOQAR representatives for their auditing approach which focused on value addition to the organisation’s system.

He alluded to a commitment to promote greater communication within the organisation as well as with stakeholders and assured the international Auditors that the SON Management remains resilient in tackling inadequate resources through provisions in the 2018 budget proposals.

He further assured them of SON’s commitment to positive perception of the organization by Nigerians through increased tempo of sensitization activities.


The audit exercise was conducted at the Lagos Operational Office Lekki, Ogba Laboratory Complex, Lagos State Offices 1, 11, and 111 as well as the FCT State office before Corporate Headquarters in Abuja


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