How To Keep Your Breasts Firm And Attractive

Like it or not, most men prefer firm and attractive breasts.. in fact, many are willing spend fortunes acquiring the lady with the firm boobs

It is the reason women too especially at younger ages keep their breasts firm and attractive. Succeeding in doing so is another kettle of fish.

However, the feeling that the cost may be probative keeps them. It does not have to be so,

Here, The Eagle reproduces the easy steps that a lady could take and she is sure of retaining the firmess and freshness of her breasts.

Your body should be well stretched towards the back at the final position. Hold it for few moments and then slowly move your upper body forward and reach the starting position. You need to repeat this asana at least thrice in a single sitting but give intermediate gaps or do it along with other yogasanas in between.


Natural remedies for firming breasts

Egg and onion

This breast mask is prepared by using the white of an egg.  Beat the egg to a creamy consistency and apply it on the bottom of the breasts. Let it remain there for half an hour. Chop and crush the onions and extract the juice. Add a glass of water to it and wash the breasts with this water. This wonderful juice made up of egg and onion can make your breast firm and beautiful.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds have the properties that help the breast to grow and stay firm. Prepare a paste using fenugreek powder and massage the breasts with it. Wash it clean with water after five to ten minutes. This is a wonderful remedy to get a firm and beautiful breast in a natural way. No surgeries are required. You must do this on a regular basis to stay away from ugly and shaggy breasts.

Shea butter for firming bust

It is another natural ingredient to firm and tighten breasts. It is a rich source of Vitamin E which helps to tighten the skin of the breasts and give it a firm look. Shea butter helps in preventing cell damage that may be caused by free radicals. Simply rub shea butter on the breasts for 15 minutes in circular direction.  Leave it there for another 10 minutes and then clean it off with water. This treatment must be done thrice a week to experience good results.

Rhassoul clay to tighten the bust skin

It  is a natural ingredient that is used for firming the skin. The clay contains silica, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium which are important minerals that help to tighten the skin. You did to dissolve this clay in water and make a sticky paste. Now cover this clay over your breast and keep it till the time it is totally dry.


Cucumber, butter and egg yolk make to treat saggy busts

It is an excellent mask that helps in lifting the breasts. These two ingredients have the skin toning properties and treat sagging breasts. It helps to strengthen the breast tissues and make the breasts appear firm. Mix cucumber puree, egg yolk and butter into a smooth paste. Apply the paste on the breasts and leave it for half an hour. Then wash it clean with cold water.

Pomegranate for firming loose breasts

It is an excellent anti-aging ingredient that can help to prevent sagging breasts and make them firm. Prepare a paste using pomegranate peel and mustard oil. Massage the breasts in circular motion regularly at night before going to bed. Alternatively neem oil can be mixed with dried pomegranate rind powder and heated for a few minutes. This can be used as massage oil after it is cooled

Aloe vera for breast tightening

Aloe Vera helps to get rid of sagging breasts because it has natural skin-tightening properties. Aloe Vera contains antioxidants that help in preventing damage to cells caused by free radicals. Apply fresh aloe Vera gel on the breasts and massage the area in circular motions for about 10 minutes. Leave it for another 10 minutes and then clean it with warm water.

Another method to use aloe Vera gel is to mix it with mayonnaise and honey and apply it on the breasts. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water first and then use cold water to wash it. Any of this treatment for firming the breasts should be done once a week for a couple of months.


Ice massage for breast tightening

Ice massage is considered to be very useful for preventing sagging breasts. The cold impact of ice causes the breast tissues to contract, which make the breast look firmer and tighter. Massage the breasts with two cubes of ice for minute. Wipe and wear a proper fitting bra.  Rest is reclined position for half an hour.  Repeat this remedy three times a day.

 Exercises of breast

How to make bust firming cream at home

Exercises done daily are the best remedy for sagging breasts. Some effective exercises for lifting the breasts include chest presses; push ups arm raising and dumbbell flyes. Circling the arms forwards and backwards several times can help to firm the skin in and around the breasts. Regular process of lifting weights can also help to prevent breast sagging and help the breasts to regain their firmness.

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