Fashion Dynamics And Overall Impact In Society

Fashionista …on the runway

Fashion trends come and go. Fashion communicates even if not verbally. In the society, an individual’s appearance is the ticket to transmitting non-verbal communication such as the possible cues about he/ she’s status, values and lifestyle.

Fashion has gone viral in its communicable aspect starting from the way we look and how we feel, like expressing our emotional experiences through the way we dress.

The success or otherwise of fashion trends lies on the interpretation given to it by the society. The impact of fashion in the society is that it brings out people’s value and behavioral traits.

For example, a lady who dresses in a nasty manner, showing he cleavage so as to entice an opposite sex could practically be addressed as loose.

Fashion reflects an image of culture that models an individual identity in a specific environment.

The social motive of fashion trends is to express individual identity in terms of lifestyle, choice, taste and  attitude.

They suggest the mode and manner of dressing befitting an occasion that set forth a standard which is delivered from the social values and their emotional expectations. For instance, the popular music artiste Adekunle Gold, elevates culture through his mode of dressing via the use of ‘adire’ to suit his music patterns.

There is a steady rise in the consumption of style like joggers’ pants, tulle skirt, waist trainers, midi skirts, etc. While styles like bikini, romper, shift dress, pull overs are recorded as seasonal dress. clothes are never not worth notice, they are always expression of the fundamental, social and economic pressures of time.

Fashion communicates in the sense that the clothing and accessories reveal who and what people are  In other words, do all people have equal taste, desire or show likeness to particular fashion trends?

The answer is No, except the youngsters which comprises of adolescents (12-17 years), teens and the youths. They allocate more time to public appearance than other primary things.

The things they see their heroes and heroines do becomes part of their identity and it becomes their primary reason why they aspire for more fashion trends than any other age group.

Once a particular style comes in vogue or is used by film stars, celebrities and models, it’s blindly followed by youths and the adolescents.

Fashion trends today does not give importance to comforts; sometimes the dress goes beyond simplicity and modesty which doesn’t allow one to freely dress as its so much celebrated and loved by youths .

The untidy, shabby looking hair-style is also not left out as trending fashions that is liked by youths. It’s popularly said “fashion is not dead and never will it be”.

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